Best Smart Home Devices for A Connected New Year

A new year has just begun, and with it more and more people are looking to change up their homes and upgrade to smart home technology.

However, with so many devices to choose from, how do you know which ones you should look to invest in?

To make your smart resolution easy, we’ve listed our recommendations for the best smart home devices for 2023.

The Smart Hub

If you’re new to the smart home world then the best place to start is with a smart hub.

Smart hubs connect your smart devices allowing you to control them via smartphone, home assistant, or remote control and unlock smart features.

Our recommended smart hub is the Zignito Hub. This hub is small, discreet, and allows you to connect up to 128 devices seamlessly.


Smart Lighting

Zignito A Home

If you’re interested in introducing smart lighting to your home, then you should consider the Zignito A60 Smart bulb.

Not only do the bulbs deliver outstanding brightness and a wonderful range of colours, but you can unlock fantastic smart features including scheduling, tuning, dimming, and more.

Create stunning scenes for any occasion without the complicated setup or installation. The Zignito bulbs are compatible with all major home assistants and the SmartLife application, giving you complete control.

Smart Lighting

With the same incredible smart features as the A60 bulbs, the Zignito GU10 spotlight bulb is a great choice for those who have spotlights in their home.

Dress your rooms in colour and set the mood for any occasion. The Zignito bulbs work with your Zignito hub, keeping you connected at all times, even when wifi is lost.

These bulbs also have a sleek design and sit flush, keeping that modern and stylish aesthetic.

Smart Curtains & Blinds

Nothing says ‘Smart Home’ like automated curtains and blinds. For this, we recommend the Zignito Roller Blind motor and the Extendable Curtain Track.

Both devices can be controlled either via remote control, smartphone, or voice command.

Set curtains and blinds to open at scheduled times, or on-demand from anywhere in the home.

smart blind motor

Smart Security

home security motion sensor

Last but no means least, if you’re upgrading your home this new year, we suggest introducing smart security to your ecosystem.

Place motion sensors on doors, windows, or in dedicated areas in your home and be alerted when motion is detected.

The devices require no drilling and can be mounted on a wide range of surfaces, making them quick and easy to set up. Get notifications on your phone, or sync to secondary devices for alerts.

indoor siren security

Smart sirens deliver loud alerts that can be heard from outside the home. This makes them ideal for alerting neighbours while you’re away.

The siren can be controlled via your smartphone, computer, remote or iPad, so you can easily turn it on and off when you need to.

Our Zignito Siren can also be synced with other devices through the Zignito hub, so you can have the siren alert you when other devices are triggered.

Go Smart This New Year!

That concludes our top devices to stay connected in 2023. We hope this helps you in your resolution to go smart this new year!

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