How To Set Up Your Zignito™ Smart Security Remote

Our Zignito™ Zigbee Security Remote requires the use of the Zignito™ hub. The hub works as the central gateway for all of the products, allowing you to connect all of your devices and have them working together as a complete smart solution.

With the Zignito™ hub, you can connect up to 128 smart devices and control them all from one application. These connected devices do not need to be like-products, meaning you can connect multiple systems that work together to complete your smart home.

See Our Detailed Step By Step Guide Below:

Remote Set up

In this post, we’ll learn how to install and connect your Zignito™ Security Remote to your Smart Home ecosystem.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Install The Smart Life App

install app

Visit your App Store and search “Smart Life” and download. Launch the app, then login or create an account. You’re ready to connect to your Zignito Security Remote.

Ensure Your Zigbee Hub (gateway) is Installed Correctly

zignito hub is connected

Connect your Zignito™ hub to your wifi router using the LAN cable provided. Power on your hub with the USB cable provided and ensure the indicator lights are flashing.
For more details on installing your hub, click here.

Ensure Your Zignito™ Security Remote is in Range of Your Zigbee Hub

within range

Place Your Zigbee Security Remote within 5 – 10 meters of your Zignito™ Zigbee Hub.

Turn On Your Security Remote

power on

Turn the Zignito™/Zigbee Security Remote on and ensure the indicator light flashes. If your indicator light does not flash, press and hold the reset button (using the Sim Card Pin) for 5 seconds until the light turns on.

On The Smart Life App, Tap The ‘+’ icon to add your device.

addd device

Automatically scan for devices by selecting ‘Auto Scan’ on the app. If this does not work, tap the ‘+’ icon on your screen. Your App will now scan for devices.

Select The Security Remote

Connect to device

Find and select the Zignito™ Security Remote from the List displayed on your screen. Your app will now connect to the device.

Name Your Device

name device

Assign a name to your Zignito™ Zigbee Security Remote and save it to your application. Your device is now connected and ready to use!

Estimated Cost: 24.98 GBP


  • Zignito Zigbee Hub/Gateway
  • Smart Life App
  • Access to a broadband router with an ethernet connection
  • Zignito/Zigbee Siren
  • Sim Card Pin (included)