How To Set Up Your Zignito™ Zigbee Smart Hub

All of our Zignito™/Zigbee Devices require the use of the Zignito™ hub. The hub works as the central gateway for all of the products, allowing you to connect all of your devices and have them working together as a complete smart solution.

With the Zignito™ hub, you can connect up to 128 smart devices and control them all from one application. These connected devices do not need to be like-products, meaning you can connect multiple systems that work together to complete your smart home.

See Our Detailed Step By Step Guide Below:


In this post, we will learn how to install and connect your Zignito™ Zigbee Hub to your Smart Home ecosystem.

Duration: 2 minutes

Install The Smart Life App

install app

Visit your App Store & search “Smart Life” App, then download. Launch the app then Log in or Create an account. You’re ready to connect to your Zignito™ Zigbee hub.

Place Your Zignito™ Zigbee Hub Near Your Wifi Router

close wifi router

Place your Zignito™ hub in a room that is central to your home and close to your wifi router. This allows you to achieve optimal range across your home.

Connect Your Zignito™ Hub to Your Wifi Router Using the Lan Cable Provided

hub near wifi router

Connect the LAN cable to the port found on the back of your Zignito™ Zigbee hub, and then connect the opposite end of the cable to your Wifi Router.

Ensure Your Smartphone Is Connected to The Same Router

check wifi

Open the settings on your smartphone, and ensure it is connected to your wifi router.

Turn on Your Zignito™ Hub

turn on

Connect your Zignito™ Zigbee hub to the power supply, using the cable provided and Ensure the 2 indicator lights are flashing. (press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds if you do not see indicator lights flash).

On the Smart Life app Select the ‘+’ Icon to Add Your Device

addd device

Scan for devices automatically by selecting “Auto Scan”, if this doesn’t work you can add the device manually by tapping the ‘+’ icon on your screen. Your App will now search for devices within range.

Select Your Device, from The List Shown on Your Screen, to Connect

Connect to device

Find the Zignito™ hub on the list shown on your app and select. Your app will now connect to that device.

Name Your Device

name your device

Now name your Zignito™ Hub and save it to your application. Your Zignito Hub is now connected & ready to use!

Estimated Cost: 34.99 GBP


  • Zignito Zigbee Hub/Gateway
  • Smart Life App
  • Access to a broadband router with an ethernet connection