LED Strips

What Are LED Strip Lights?

An LED strip light is a flexible circuit board that is populated with LEDs that you can stick almost anywhere you want to add ambient lighting in a variety of colours and brightnesses.

LED Strips Consist of multiple individual LED emitters mounted on a narrow, flexible circuit board that can be secured anywhere around the home.

LED Strip lighting operates on low-voltage DC power, making them energy efficient and cost effective.

There are various lighting options available to you with a wide range of fixed and variable color and brightness.

LED strips can be cut to length with cutline indicators located every 1-2 inches.

They also include double-sided adhesive for easy and secure mounting. Simply peel off the liner, and mount the LED strip to virtually any surface.

led strip light diagram

LED Strips

What are the Main benefits of LED Strips?

  • Cut to Length – Strips can be cut to size and made any length that suits. Each strip has cutline indicators showing where the strip can be cut.
  • Flexible and Durable – LED strip lights are flexible and can be bent easily without compromising the strip. This allows you to add light to places previously thought impossible.
  • Colour Options – Ajax Online offer a range of colour options with our LED strips. You can choose Strips with up to 16 million colour options or choose strips with dual warm and cool lighting options..
  • Discreet – All LED strips are slim. Therefore they can be installed in many tight spaces and easily hidden from view.
  • Easy Installation – All of our LED strips come with already applied adhesive. Simply peel away the tape and secure the strip to your desired surface.
  • Fully Dimmable – Our LEDs are dimmable and compatible with most Smart home hubs, wall dimmers, and remote dimmers. You will have complete control over your LED strips.

What Do I Need in Order For My LED Strips to Be Smart?

All LED strips require a power supply and controller in order to use smart functionality. These items can be purchased separately or as part of a kit.

All Ajax Online strips require 24V power supply, again please note this is not included in your purchase.

Click here to add a power supply to your basket.

LED strips also require a controller in order for smart functionality to work.

You can purchase this here.

Why not save time and money and purchase an LED Strip kit.

LED Strip, Controller and power supply included.

Why do we recommend 24V LED Strips over 12V?

When choosing your LED Strips, it’s always important to consider the power required in order for them to work to their full potential.

LED lighting has become more popular in recent years, and here at Ajax Online we have found our customers wish to spread their LED lighting further. Therefore, we choose to offer LED strips and kits that offer maximum brightness and range.

12V LED strips, while very effective as a smart lighting option, have limited reach due to power consumption, and will lose voltage faster than those that offer 24V.

24V LED strips offer you higher voltage, enabling your strips to run longer distances without losing power. It’s for this reason we would always recommend choosing 24V LED strips.

Dimmable and tuneable LED strip

Can I make my LED stips longer?

LED strips are a versatile solution to smart lighting. They can be cut to size and even extended to maximise reach. Here at Ajax Online, we sell a range of products that can help you maximise your LED strip potential.

Learn more about our extension pin connectors and extension LED Strips

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Other Benefits of Smart LED Strips

LED strips are the ideal way to achieve smart lighting in the home.

We offer a range of LED Controllers that are designed to work with all Ajax Online LED Strips and give them smart functionality.

With smart functionality, your LED strips will have a range of additional features.

LED Strips can be cut to size

Smart Memory Functionality – With a controller your strips will memorise all the last settings from when it was last ON.

LED strip lights are flexible

Connect to your smart hub – Use voice command to turn on your LED lights.

range of colour options with our LED strips

Use your smartphone app to control your LED strips.

LED strips can be installed in many tight spaces

Controllers can be used on LED strips of various lengths without loss of power.

secure the strip to your desired surface

LED controllers offer colour changing, various shades of white and light dimming functionality.

compatible with most Smart home hubs

Controllers can be paired with others, allowing you to sync all of your LED strips.

Other Essential Items for your LED Strip Lighting System:

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Premium & Elegant

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Complete Control

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Easy Installation

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Location Awareness

Help To Make Your Home Smarter

Frequently Asked Questions

What Power Supply do I need for My LED Strips?

All of our LED strips at Ajax Online are 24V, therefore they require a 24V power supply. A 12V power supply can be used for 12V Led Strips. Please note: We do not sell 12V strips or power supplies at Ajax Online.

Can I purchase a remote for my LED Strips?

Yes, The Milight LED wall remote can be used to control your LED strips remotely and from anywhere in the home.

Can I connect my LED strips to my smart Hub?

Our LED Strips are compatible with Alexa and Google Home. Please see product details for more information on smart capabilities. Please note: In order for LED strips to have smart functionality, they require a suitable controller.

How do I connect to my Smart hub?

All of our products come with easy step by step pairing instructions and support videos can be found on your YouTube channel. If you have any issues with connecting your smart hub, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

How do I mount my LED Strips?

All of our LED strips come with already applied adhesive. Simply peel away the tape and secure the strip to your desired surface.

Can I cut my LED Strips?

Our LED Strips can be cut to size and made any length that suits. Each strip has cutline indicators showing where the strip can be cut.