Smart Plugs

With the use of Smart Plugs you can run your home from anywhere by automating the small appliances and lamps you use every day. At Ajax Online, we offer a range of different smart plugs that enable you to automate your home.

Smart Scheduling

Schedule your security devices to turn on and off at specific times. 

Voice Command

Sync with your smart home assistant and control devices with voice command.

App Control

Control your devices using a dedicated smartphone app.

Sync Sub-Devices

Sync your devices to create routines and enhance security.

Smart Memory

Smart devices save previous settings and optimise your settings accordingly.

Smart Plugs

Save energy by turning devices off when they are not in use, without need to remove plugs or turn off sockets.

Run your home from anywhere and on your schedule by automating the small appliances and lamps you use every day.

Smart Plug Applications

Ideal for home or work, smart plugs enable you to control your devices and appliances from anywhere, ensuring your electronics are off while you’re away.

Smart appliances

Set Routines & Schedule Appliances

Automate the appliances you use every day. Set schedules and turn on appliances at a time that suits you… Perfect for those morning coffees!

Check the status of devices to ensure they are not left on while you’re away. Our smart plugs can be controlled via smartphone, so there’s no need to hurry home!

Simply open your app and turn off your smart plugs.

home office

Shut Down your Office or Workspace

Prevent the risk of fire by ensuring all electrical equipment is shut down at the end of the working day.

Set routines, schedule devices to turn off, or power off using your smartphone, or get real-time updates on the status of your appliances.

Our smart plugs enable employers to ensure that their offices are powered down when not in use.

automated heater

Improve Safety of Electrical Appliances

Heated appliances such as straighteners and heaters can be hazardous and pose a risk of fire.

By automating devices you can ensure that these appliances are safe. Schedule devices to shut down at a specific time that suits you.

You can also check the status of these plugs on your smartphone, ensuring these devices are off while you’re away.

Smart Lighting Technology

Smart Technology

At Ajax Online we sell a range of smart plugs that use either Wifi or Zigbee protocol to connect with your smart control systems. Discover the difference between Zigbee and Wifi to learn which devices are compatible.

Smart Features

Easy to use and ready to automate your appliances. Schedule your household appliances to match your routine and never worry about leaving devices switched on.

Smartphone Applications

Control your appliances via smartphone. Simply open up your app and turn off your plugs from your smartphone.

Smart Hub Control

When paired with your smart hub, you can sync your smart plugs to other smart devices, and have your plugs turn on or off in response to other devices.

Voice Assistants

Many of our smart plugs are compatible with all major voice assistants, enabling you to control your appliances via voice command.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Smart Plugs on All Devices?

Yes you can use our range of smart plugs on the vast majority of devices as long as the devices do not exceed 16A.

Can I Purchase a Remote Control for These Smart Plugs?

No, the Smart Plugs are controlled with an app and voice control via Smart Life, Tuya, Philips Hue, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Do These Smart Plugs Time out If an Appliance Has Been on Too Long?

No, however you can also schedule the ON/OFF times from anywhere the world. Ideal for safety and security.

Are These Wifi Plugs Compatible with Philips Hue?

No, you will have to purchase a Zigbee compatible plug.

What Is the Maximum Power Outage for Smart Plugs?

The maximum power output for our range of smart plugs are 3120W.

Do You only Sell Smart Plugs with Uk Connection?

We mainly sell UK 3-pin Smart Plugs, however we do have a Zigbee EU 2-Pin Smart Plug.