Smart Wifi Bulbs

Why Choose Smart Wifi Bulbs?

Wifi smart bulbs are the perfect way to introduce smart lighting to your home. They can be used in lamps as well as the main source of light.

Here at Ajax Online, you’ll find we sell a range of Wifi smart bulbs. Whether you wish to create a modern look with spotlights or complement your vintage decor with filament bulbs.


What is Wifi technology?

At Ajax Online we sell both Zigbee and Wifi smart bulbs.

A Wifi connection is brilliant for smart home products. It uses your router which creates a local network for your smart home devices, which in turn allows you to connect to other Wifi devices such as smart hubs and mobile devices

smart Wifi Bulb Why Go Smart?

  • Easy to Install
  • Ask Alexa to turn on your lights!
  • Away from home control
  • Brilliant tunable shades
  • High luminosity

Smart Wifi Bulbs To Brighten Up Your Home

Revolutionise your home with smart Wifi lighting.

smart device

Connect To Your Smart Hub Or Device

Simple and intuitive, secure, and robust, our Smart Wifi bulbs connect to Alexa, Google Home and the smart life app so you can easily adjust brightness and colour.

This includes voice demand.


Easy To Install…

Change up the look of your environment in an instant and light up your home with intelligent smart lighting.

The Wifi bulb is a quick way to transform any home or office space with minimal effort.

GU10 lighting

Brilliant colour and effortless connection

Paint your room with light for the perfect ambience Ideal for home automation and DIY enthusiasts.

Smart Wifi Bulbs offer a range of colours, tones and various feature settings that will make going smart quick and affordable.

Explore Our Wifi Bulbs

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A Smart Product for Every Home

You’ll discover a range of products that enable you to make your home smarter. Getting automated Lights couldn’t be easier.

All of our products come with easy to follow instructions, therefore you’ll find that setting up is quick and simple.

You can achieve modern lighting with our smart bulbs, or you can achieve a vintage aesthetic with our vintage wifi bulbs.

As well as smart wifi bulbs, we also offer a selection of Zigbee bulbs that will also enable you to optimise your smart lighting.

Learn More About Our Products…

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Help To Make Your Home Smarter

Frequently Asked Questions

Do wifi smart bulbs require a smart home hub?

No, Smart WIFI Bulbs do not require a smart hub. You will need to download an app to pair and use the full functionality of the bulb.

How to install wifi smart light bulbs?

All of our products come with simple step by step pairing guides. If you require any further assistance please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Do smart bulbs work in lamps?

Yes, please ensure you check the fitment type before purchasing.

What’s the difference between Zigbee or Wifi?

Zigbee technology works over short distances and consumes very low amounts of energy and power. Wifi uses your router which creates a local network for your smart home devices, which in turn allows you to connect to other Wifi devices such as smart hubs and mobile devices.