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Zignito 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller

Works With RGB+RGBW+WW+CW+SC LED Strips

Get the most out of your smart LED strips with this versatile Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Strip controller by Ajax Online. Compatible with 5 types of LED strips, this controller enables you to dim, schedule and automate your lighting. You can also pair the device with your Zigbee smart hub and use voice command.

**PLEASE NOTE: Our controllers do not work with Philips Hue Entertainment & Apple HomeKit.

  • Power Supply optional (Please select this option before checkout)
  • Transform and enhance your living room, kitchen, bedroom and other rooms with a selection of 16 million colours
  • Compatible with RGBW, RGB, Cool White/Warm White(CT) and Single Colour LED strips.
  • Power your LED strip up to 10 metres without loss of power (depending on the wattage of the LED strip.
  • Will memorise all the last settings from when it was last ON, even after being powered OFF from the mains.
  • Works with Zigbee Light Link, Philips Hue, Ikea Tradfri, Osram Lightify, Amazon Echo Plus and many others.
  • Power supply and strip not included – Available for separate purchase or can be purchased as part of an LED strip kit.

Available on back-order

£27.98 Inc.Vat


  • 6 pin connectors
    6 Pin Connectors £5.99£15.00 Inc.Vat
  • Colour LED Strip Extensions
    Colour LED Strip Extensions £32.99£52.99 Inc.Vat
  • LED Strip Power Supply
    LED Strip Power Supply £22.99 Inc.Vat
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Devices You Can Depend On…

Zigbee places far less strain on your WIFI network, providing you with a much faster and more secure connection.

Unlike traditional hub systems, in which devices communicate to a central controller, our Zigbee products use mesh networking technology. This allows devices to communicate with one another, if one relay device should fail, the devices can communicate with another relay device, leaving service uninterrupted as a whole.

Product Features

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    App Control
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    Group Timer
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    Voice Command
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    Dimming & Tuning
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    Smart Memory
dimming and tuning

Smart Features

The Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller offers dimming functionality. This allows you to create the perfect atmosphere from romantic to productive. This controller also provides its users with 16 million colour combinations to choose from. Why not transform your home with colour?

Our market-leading controllers can power your LED strip up to 10 metres without loss of power, depending on the wattage of the LED strip.
They will also memorise all the last settings from when it was last ON, even after being powered OFF from the mains.

Sync With Your Smart Home Hub.

Why not control your lights with a voice command?

This Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Strip controller works with Philips Hue, SmartThings, Amazon Echo Plus and Tuya Smart Hubs.

If 5 in 1 controller is also available as part of an LED Strip kit. Why not get everything you need in one convenient kit? Click here to learn more about or LED strip kits.

ED sxtensions
channel in wall

Versatile 5 in 1 Compatibility

This Controller is 5 in 1. This means it is compatible with five types of LED strips. The Zigbee 5 in 1 Controller works with RGB, RGBW, CW, WW and SC LED strips.

There’s no need for your strips to go to waste. This controller can help you get the most out of your strips and achieve spectacular LED lighting in your home.

Simply plug your LED strips into the controller and sync it with your smart hub or device to gain complete control over your LED strip lighting.

Why Choose the Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller?

The Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Controller offers a range of settings and there is no complicated setup. All of our products come with instructions that are easy to follow and you will have your system in place in no time at all.

Smart lighting has become very popular. More and more people are interested in smart technology and often the first thing people want is smart lighting. With the Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Strip controller, it makes going smart so much easier.

You may find that you already have LED strips that you’re waiting to find a use for. With this controller, you can put them to good use and get beautiful, smart and diverse LED lighting.

cieling led lighting
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 16 cm

LED Controller, LED Controller & Power Supply

Pack Size




Alexa (Zigbee) Hub, Zignito Hub, Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Tuya/SmartLife


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  • do these bulbs work with a hue hub
  • Can the Ajax Online LED strip be bent around a corner or surface?

    Yes, the Ajax Online LED Strip can be bent around a corner as they are flexible. (depends on the way it’s bent). Please take a look at our Pro Series 6-Pin LED Strip Hippo Connectors.

  • If I switch the LED strips OFF, will it remember the last colour and brightness settings?

    Yes, it does remember the last settings, including colour and brightness.

  • What is the maximum length of Ajax Online LED strip, that I can connect to the Ajax Online Smart Zigbee LED controller?

    The maximum length is 5 metres, however, you can extend up to 20 metres when paired with the Ajax Online LED strip Power Amplifier. We recommend using an Ajax Online Power Amplifier every 5 metres to avoid voltage drop.

  • I'm having issues with pairing the Smart Zigbee Pro Series LED Strip Kit to an app?

    1) Please reset and follow the pairing instructions again (2.) Get in touch for further assistance.

  • 1) Which smartphone apps connect to the Ajax Online Smart Zigbee Pro Controllers? 2) Is this Apple Homekit compatible?

    1) They connect to Hue, SmartThings, and Alexa(require Echo Plus) 2) No the Smart Zigbee Controllers are not Homekit compatible.

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Ajax Online Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller - Pairing Guide

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