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Dual White LED Strip – Warm/Cool | 24v 5m Roll | 3 Wires

CCT 2700K to 6500K

Our Super bright Dual White LED Strip offers both warm and cool lighting. The 24V dual white LED strip is ideal for creating the perfect atmosphere in any room.

  • Colour Temperature Range 2200-6500K. Decide how warm or cool you want your light to be, with multiple possibilities.
  • 5 Metres long. The Dual White LED Strip offers enough length to really brighten up a room. However, extensions can be used to make the strip longer.
  • IP65 Waterproof, making it perfect for use in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Cuttable length 10 cm  –  Cut the strips to the exact size that you want. Indicators can be found on the strip so that you know where to cut.
  • 14.4w/m – The dual LED strip has a power consumption of 14.4 watts per metre
  • 3 Wired connection

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Product Features

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      Smart Features Achieved when paired with a Smart LED Controller
      LED lighting application

      Dual Warm/white Led Lighting

      With the Dual White LED strip you can choose between warm and cool lighting. This is great for making rooms more cozy as warm white is ideal for relaxing and unwinding.

      You can use cool white, for concentrating and energising yourself, perfect for in the office or getting those important jobs done.

      There are a range of controllers that can be used with the Dual LED Strips, making the changing from warm to cool even easier.

      This Led Strip Is Waterproof Ip65 Rated

      These Dual LED White Strips are waterproof, making them ideal for use in kitchens. Cook delicious meals safely with perfect lighting.

      As well as in the kitchen, you can even use the dual LED strip lights in the bathroom to create the perfect ambiance, allowing you to make bath time even more relaxing with this warm/white LED.

      cieling led lighting
      Corner lighting

      The Dual White Led Strip Is Easy to Set Up

      The Dual White LED strips are very easy to install. With a strong 3M adhesive already applied to the strips, you will simply need to secure them to a smooth surface.

      It’s best to make sure that you apply the strips to a clean and dry surface. This will enable the adhesive to stick better and improve durability.

      The 24V Dual White LED Strip lights also have a good average life of 25,000 hours. so you can be sure that you’ll achieve lighting that lasts.

      Why Choose the Dual white LED Strip?

      Using Dual white LED Strips is a quick, simple and effective way to achieve smart lighting in your home.
      These strips are energy efficient and cost effective. The lighting effects that you create are completely up to you.

      The warm/white LED offers you a choice of warm and cool tones and you’ll find there is no complicated set up. Ideal for both living and work spaces. Extensions can be used to make the LED strips longer, making them an ideal solution for larger rooms and spaces.

      Dual LED strips quickly make a home feel more modern. They are also fantastic for making a space feel bigger. So whether you have a large room or a cosy one, these strips can really show off your home decor. These strips offer a fantastic smart lighting system, that can be tailored to your preferences.

      Kitchen Integration
      Weight 0.35 g
      Dimensions 25 × 25 × 2 cm


      Light Colour

      Warm/Cool White


      1200 Lumens

      Pack Size

      Average Life

      25000 Hours


      14.4 Watts Per Metre


      24 Volts


      Silicone and Plastic

      LEDs Per Metre

      120 LEDs Per Metre


      • Is there an App I can use with the Dual White LED Strips?

        No, the Dual White LED Strip needs to be connected to a Smart LED Controller to make it a Smart LED Strip Kit. You can then download the relevant smart app.

      • "My Dual White LED Strips do not power up"

        Please ensure that the green and red cables are connected to the V+ terminal.

      • Is the Dual White LED Strip compatible with a Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings or Zigbee Hub?

        No, the Dual White LED Strip needs to be connected to a Smart Zigbee LED Controller to make it a Smart Zigbee LED Strip Kit.

      • Does the Dual White LED Strip have smart functionality?

        No, the Dual White LED Strip needs to be connected to a Smart LED Controller to make it a Smart LED Strip Kit.

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