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LED Strip Power Amplifier

Keep the power in your LED strips, regardless of how long they are. By using this LED Power Amplifier you can ensure that you don’t lose power when extending your LED strips.

**Please Note: Amplifier required at every 5m intervals in the LED strip

  • Expandable – Every time you add one more amplifier, you can connect twice as many as LEDs.
  • 5 Channel High-Performance Amplifier – can output the signal of the main controller completely and synchronously.
  • Strong Compatibility – Compatible with our Zigbee Pro Series LED Strip Kits.
  • Plug & Play – Comes pre-wired with 6 pin connectors and DC power jack enabling frustration-free easy setup.
  • High Quality – Made from high-quality materials to ensure reliability and great performance.

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66 in stock


Why Go Pro?

Our Pro Series collection is superior in every way.
Made with high-quality materials, these products are more durable and versatile. These Pro Series products are leading the way in smart home technology with never seen before features.

LED lighting application

Extending your LED strips

You don’t need to be limited by the length of your LED strips. With our high-quality extension strips and this LED power amplifier, you can keep extending without losing power or compromising on functionality.

Simply apply the amplifier and you’ll never be in danger of losing quality or brightness.

Versatile Compatibility

This LED Power Amplifier will work with all LED strips that are sold here at Ajax Online. This means every time you add an amplifier, you add twice as many LEDs. This amplifier is to be used at every 5m intervals in your strip.

ED sxtensions
various LED strips

Easy Installation

The LED Power Amplifier comes with its own high-quality power supply. It also comes pre-wired with 6-pin connectors for an even easier setup, so you can simply plug and play. No timely installation.

Pack Size


120 Watts


110-240 Volts




700 Grams


One Year


  • Where should I place my LED power amplifier?

    The amplifier is required at every 5m intervals in the LED strip.

  • Does this come with connectors already attached?

    The power amplifier comes pre-wired with 6 pin connectors and DC power jack enabling frustration-free easy setup

  • When extending my LED strips do I need multiple controllers?

    No, but to ensure that power is not lost on longer setups, a power amplifier such as this one is recommended.

  • Is this amplifier for wifi or Zigbee LED strips?

    This power amplifier is for Zigbee-powered LED strips.

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