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Aluminium Plaster-In LED Profile Channel 2m

Premium Aluminium - For LED Strips

This Plaster-in LED Profile Channel allows you to safely secure your LED strips within your walls or ceilings. The channels are plastered in, making your LED strips flush with the surface.

2 Meter channel, 6.6ft Extrusion Profile Frosted Cover & End Caps

  • Diffuser and fitting accessories that provide professional-quality LED installation.
  • Acts as a heat sink and aids cooling of your strip lighting, extending their life span.
  • Cut to fit – can be cut to size to suit any sized project.
  • Easy 4 step installation – Screw LED Profile channel into your plasterboard, plaster to the edges, stick your led strips inside the channel, and snap-on diffused cover.
  • Kit includes: LED channel, Diffused cover and End Caps.

14 in stock (can be backordered)

£79.99£239.99 Inc.Vat


channel in wall

Create a Seamless LED Lighting Experience With Our Plaster-in LED Profile Channel

Are you looking to achieve built-in LED strip lighting?

This plaster-in LED Profile Channel allows you to secure your LED strips into plasterboard and create seamless lighting around the home.

The led channel offers the perfect housing for strip lighting and gives you strips a more dynamic effect on the home.

You no longer need to find a discrete way to secure your strips, incorporate them into your interior and show off your home.

Get Creative and Achieve Professional-Looking Results

The plaster-in LED Profile Channel is discrete and the only thing on show will be strips of light.

Perfect for use on plaster walls they are easy to keep out of sight, keeping the attention on the beautiful LEDs.

You can achieve various beautiful shapes and arrangements to really make your room stand out.

We highly recommend our 96 LED Per Metre Led Strips (5in1 chip) for a seamless light strip where no LED spots are visible.

Suitable for Philips Hue LightStrip Plus and most led strip lights in the market.

cieling led lighting
various LED strips

Built to Last & Protect Your Led Strip Lighting

The Plaster-in LED Channels we offer are built to last and suited to long term LED use, keeping the strips protected from the damage daily use can do.

The Recessed Plaster-in Channels acts as a heat sink, aids cooling and sturdy housing protects LEDs. Can be cut and customized to suit any project.

Simply stick the LED strip light’s adhesive backing inside the aluminium channel, snap on the diffuser cover.

This LED Aluminium Profile is designed for <21mm flexible or rigid LED strips.

Why Choose the Plaster-In Led Profile Channel?

Achieve Seamless Led Lighting Around the Home with Our Recessed Plaster-In Channels.

Smart lighting makes the home more modern and with the plaster-in channels, you can give your smart lighting a more professional look.

LED strips are energy-efficient and cost-effective. By creating a built-in effect with these plaster-in LED profile channels, you can use your strip lighting to enhance your home decor.

You can achieve a smooth and flush finish whilst keeping attention on your creative LED lighting effects.

Our LED strip channels are easy to use and you can install your strips in 4 simple steps. All Ajax Online products also come with easy-to-use instructions.

These channels are ideal for DIY projects, they are simple to use and give you a professional finish.

The Plaster-in LED Profile Channel is the ideal solution for achieving quality LED lighting at an affordable price.

ED sxtensions
Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 210 × 12 × 12 cm
Please choose pack size

Pack of 3, Pack of 6, Pack of 10




61.5mm (6.5cm)



Diffuser Type



  • Are LED strips included in the kit?

    No, LED strips are not provided with this product but can be purchased from us. We highly recommend our 96 LED per metre strips which give a vibrant and seamless strip of light with no spots.

  • Can I remove the cover if I need to change or adjust my strips?

    Yes, you can remove the cover.

  • Are the plaster-in LED channels compatibility with all LED strips?

    Yes, up to 21mm in width. Also compatible with Philips Hue LED StripPlus.

  • Do I need a professional to install my plaster-in LED channel?

    Yes, you will need a plasterer/builder to install this product.

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