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Smart Silent Gliss 5100 Adaptor

Gives Your Curtain Tracks Smart Functionality - Open/Close Only

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Make your Silent Gliss 5100 curtain tracks smart with this silent gliss wifi adaptor. You can connect with Alexa and Google home and more to control your curtains with voice commands. You can also control your curtains via an app on your smartphone. The Silent Gliss 5100 Adaptor offers a range of smart features that make drawing your curtains even easier.

  • Scheduling availability – Using the smart plug and Wifi adaptor you can automate your curtains.
  • Connect your Silent gliss 5100 Adaptor to your smartphone- This adapter is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home Kit.
  • Control with your phone – This Wifi adaptor works with Lightwave, Samsung SmartThings and the Philips Hue App.
  • Smart Plug Included – Everything you need to get set up in minutes!
  • Easy setup.
  • 5V USB connection.
  • Supporting Restricted mobility.

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Product Features

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    Remote Control
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Easy Installation in Minutes!

Setting up your Silent Gliss 5100 Adaptor could not be more simple. Simply plug and play!

We provide detailed, easy-to-follow instructions that guide you through the setting up and syncing process. Therefore you’ll have your smart curtains functioning perfectly in minutes!

This adaptor is to be used with the Silent Gliss 5100 curtain track. And does not work with standard manual curtains.

Smart Features

The Silent Gliss 5100 Wifi Adaptor allows you to connect to your smartphone and use voice command to open and close your curtains. There’s no need to leave your seat!

The wifi Adaptor also allows you to schedule your curtains to open and close at a time that suits you. Establishing a routine could not be easier!

Smart features also provide additional security as you can have your curtains open and close even when you are not at home.

With smart features, the Silent Gliss curtain adaptor supports those with restricted mobility. You no longer need to struggle with our curtains, simply ask your smart hub to it for you, or use your smartphone.

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Why Choose Our Smart Silent Gliss 5100 Adaptor?

The Silent Gliss Curtain Track Adaptor gives your motorised curtains smart functionality.
Why settle for generic curtains when you can utilise smart features such as scheduling, voice command and more?

This Silent Gliss 5100 Adaptor uses wifi technology to connect with your smart hub or device and give you amazing smart features that make opening and closing your curtains more convenient.

Easy to set up, the Silent Gliss 5100 adaptor will be ready to use in minutes. With this purchase, we included detailed and easy-to-use instructions.

Many people struggle to open and close their curtains due to restricted mobility. With this adaptor, you can simply ask yoursmart hub to do it for you. You will also no longer need to search for your remote; you only need to say the words and it’s done!

The Silent Gliss Curtain Adaptor is a cost-effective and simple way to achieve smart home automation. There’s no need to break the bank in order to make your home smarter!

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 21 × 28 × 7 cm
Please Choose

WIFI Adapter, Apple HomeKit, Zigbee Hue/SmartThings

Pack Size


Wifi, Zigbee


Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Tuya/SmartLife


5 Watts


5 Volts


Aluminium and Plastic


Based on 4 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. Hannah williamss (verified owner)

    such a cool little gadget – it made my curtains truly smart!!!

    Hannah williamss

  2. Raymond Lavis (verified owner)

    I have only just received and installed the product, unfortunately it arrived with no literature to assist be with the set up. However a quick phone call to Ajax and they provided me with the literature very promptly via email.
    The literature was very informative and easy to follow,even for a novice like myself. First impressions of the product are very impressive.

    Raymond Lavis

  3. WKC (verified owner)

    Definitely the simplest and best solution for providing Smart control to your Silent Gliss 5100 curtain rail. Does not interfere with your existing Silent Gliss timer or remote control.

    Simply adds to what you already have, except that setting smart timers using an app on a smartphone/device is much more flexible with more functionality than using the Silent Gliss timer.


  4. John Wilson (verified owner)

    Very good accessory. Works perfectly with Alexa and Google.

    John Wilson

  5. max whitehead (verified owner)

    Works fine with Silentgliss 5100 and Smartlife app using both Schedule and/or Sunset/Sunrise times. The later does have time delay/advance up to 5 hours (4hrs 59min). For both programs, ON means curtain Close also switches On smart plug. OFF means curtain Opens and switches Off smart plug. Relies on good WiFi signal. Definite recommend.

    max whitehead

  • Does This Work from Hive?

    Yes, it will work but you will require a Hive smart plug.

  • Do I Require One per Motor or Will It Control Multiple Motors?

    It’s per motor.

  • 5100 Installed - Does It Connect My Wifi Hub - or To Silent Gliss Motor?. I Want to Be Able to Voice Control - Alexa Open / Close & Stop Curtains

    This connects to the motor. And it’s only an open and close option.

  • What's Needed to Use This with Apple Homekit?

    You will need an Apple Homekit plug.

  • Is the silent Gliss curtain adaptor compatible with my zigbee hub?

    Yes, please choose the Zigbee variant when purchasing.

  • Which App Do I Need to Download in Order to Control My Curtains from My Phone?

    This is dependent on which smart home platform you use.

  • Do I Need a Curtain Track in Order to Use the Silent Gliss 5100 Adaptor?

    Yes, you will need a Silent Gliss 5100 Curtain Track.

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