Smart Vintage Wifi Bulb – Dual Warm/Cool White

Works with Alexa, Google Home & Apple SIRI Shortcuts

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This fantastic Wifi Filament bulb brings modern technology with a vintage-inspired aesthetic. It’s the ideal solution for creating the perfect atmosphere in your home. The Smart Vintage Bulb is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, And Siri Shortcuts. Ideal for iOS and Android.

  • App control & Voice command
  • True 2200K -6500K tunable white.
  • The Smart vintage Wifi Bulb can be remotely controlled – the smart vintage bulb can be paired with your handheld device, hub, or remote.
  • Group, timer, and Schedule function – set your lights to turn off at a scheduled time.

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Product Features

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    Group Timer
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    App Control
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    Dimming & Tuning
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    Voice Command
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    Sync With Other Devices
vintage style lighting

Beautiful Effects and Classic Style

The Smart Vintage Wifi Bulb offers dimming functionality. This is ideal for setting the perfect ambiance in your home. You can dim lights to low brightness or increase it to get maximum brightness in your room.

Filament bulbs bring a sense of class and style to your home, without compromising on modern technology.

The Wifi Filament bulb is Energy Efficient

Like many smart bulbs, the smart vintage bulb is energy efficient and does not require excessive power to light your home.

With scheduling, you can save additional energy and run a more cost-efficient smart lighting system by ensuring lights are not left on.

filament lithing
dimming and tuning filament bulb

Secure Remote Access

Control your lights from anywhere and anytime! Ensuring peace of mind and security. Whether you’re at home or away, you will always have control over your Smart Vintage Wifi Bulbs.

The wifi filament bulb can be synced with your smart hub or your iOS or Android smartphone.

Why Choose the Smart Vintage Wifi Bulb?

The Vintage Wifi Bulbs are an effective way to make your home more modern while achieving a classic decor style.

The smart vintage bulb is energy-efficient and cost-effective. You can save money by ensuring that lights are not left on when a room is not in use.

The Apps compatible with these bulbs are easy to find, download and sync to your smart bulbs. In addition, all products sold by Ajax Online come with easy to follow instructions.

The Vintage Wifi Bulbs have a beautiful style that can complement your home.

These bulbs only require wifi to work with your smart home hub or a smart app. Furthermore, you’ll find there is no complicated setup.

Warm and Cool lighting can make a home feel more interesting, and complement your own individual home decor. Warm colours can really make your home seem cosier, while cooler colours can really compliment a modern style.

These bulbs offer a fantastic smart lighting system, that can be tailored to your preferences and individual tastes, and make a wonderful addition to any home

vintage lighting
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 21 × 28 × 7 cm
Please choose

Pack of 1, Pack of 2, Pack of 4

Beam Angle

Bulb Type


Light Colour

Warm/Cool White






Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Tuya/SmartLife

Average Life

25000 Hours


7 Watts


220 Volts


Aluminium and Plastic


85 Grams


Based on 52 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. Mr Reagan

    This bulb is 2x brighter. It is only 7 watts. Connects easily with Alexa system. A beautiful warm glow for the evening and bright white light for when I am working late at night. I am impressed. Cheap and affordable.

    Mr Reagan

  2. Adam Smith

    I could link it with my Amazon account. I could control them through Alexa and Echo dot. There is a wide range of white. The filament is smart. Overall lovely bulbs.

    Adam Smith

  3. James

    I stumbled upon this great product. There is a range of colours from cool to warm. The bulbs are easy to pair.


  4. Henry

    Good Quality Bulbs. Easy to control. Makes Voice commands via Google. Great customer service.


  5. Matthew

    Easy to install. The bulb connects with the android app very well. The bulb works well.


  6. Prem

    Works well with Google Assistant. Great help from Ajay.


  7. Fahad

    Works with Tasmota. Works well. Don’t need a server in Japan.


  8. Premila

    Good and affordable. A smart bulb that looks good. I set it up with Smart Things. Will buy more in the future.


  9. Aman

    5 star service. Ordered WiFI rather than Zigbee. Ajay phoned and corrected the order before shipping.


  10. Sajal

    Beautiful and brilliant bulb. The bulb is bright. You can set an ambience with the dimming capabilities or schedule before getting out of the house.


  11. Joe Jones

    Installed these two lamps. There are detailed instructions. I created a few routines for Google Home to change the colour and brightness.

    Joe Jones

  12. Jignesh

    Product works great with amazon echo. It is easy to install and the adapter is brilliant.


  13. Harvinder

    I like the bulbs.


  14. Stacy

    Amazing smart bulbs.


  15. Amy

    I love it. Easy to install and use.


  16. Kiara

    Very good bulbs, bright and dimmable.


  17. Finn Sharky

    Good product and great customer support.

    Finn Sharky

  18. Muhammed

    If you are looking for a wifi bulb, then that is simply less plasticky in appearance, then this is a good option.


  19. Savannah

    Easy to control with Alexa or Google Home. High brightness.


  20. Cedric

    I used the “Go Smart” app and skill. Nice looking bulb. It is brighter than 60w bulb but not as bright as a 100w.


  21. Sita

    Impressed. Within a few minutes of installation, it was ready to use.


  22. Bella

    Love it. The lights turn on and off when I am out of the house. You must create a system.


  23. Madeline

    Easy set up. Good with Alexa. I like the traditional design look.


  24. Malwinder

    Easy to connect. 5/5.


  25. Frankie

    Easy to set up and worthwhile.


  26. Rajesh

    Bulb works well. All you need to say is “Alexa turn off living room lights” and your good to go.


  27. Jignesh

    Really impressive bulb. It is bright and easy to dim the light.


  28. Bridget

    Easy smart life app and Alexa. I like this traditional design.


  29. Frank

    It is great. It worked properly.


  30. Brendon

    Many different whites. I use it on my bedside. Great.


  31. Charlie

    Looks stylish and works well with Alexa


  32. Femisha

    Decent quality, well made, well presented. Effective bulb.


  33. Mena Alibab

    10/10 design, lovely retro, feel to it and very happy with this

    Mena Alibab

  34. Jeremy

    Good Edison bulb, retro vintage


  35. Lorenzo

    Great Value For Money!!!! Economic and Qualitative!


  36. Gretchen

    Bright Bulb. Easy to install


  37. Ben

    Efficient and clever


  38. Derek

    Looks good. Excellent product. Easy to control. I love the fact that I can control the temperature of the colour as well as brightness. Helpful customer service.


  39. Mel

    I like this bulb, easy to install and control with smartlife app, Alexa. Good choice and highly recommend


  40. Kiana

    Really pleased, easy to install. Works well with Google Home and Smart Life


  41. Tom

    Easy to install and set up. Works easily with Alexa.


  42. Mahendra

    Superb easy to install and set up.


  43. Dorothy

    Best smart bulb, low energy (being LED), smart home setup, fantastic effect, loads of flexibility, superb


  44. Nancy

    Difficult to set up, but once set up it is worth the effort, initially struggled to set up in the app, well made and guided you through different options, satisfaction, practically.


  45. Sarah

    Different shades depending on my mood, if I want to read to a bright light I can, if I want subtler, set up and control through my Alexa


  46. Malwinder

    Shades of White, Retro Filament Vintage Dimmable Bulb, works Alexa, 7W LED = 70W of incandescent light, the light has an estimated life is 26 hours, works perfectly, retro feel


  47. Freddie

    Retro style light bulb, bulb is dimmable.


  48. Maggie

    Very useful light bulb, works well, Phillip Hue bulbs, provides a range of whites from warm to cool to suit


  49. Peter

    Wifi Bulb, downloaded the SmartLife and then linked it to Alexa, suit whatever mood you in, worthwhile purchase.


  50. Denny

    Good level of control and brightnesss.


  51. Amber

    Decent priced, easy to use.


  52. Amy Shetty (verified owner)

    great price from website and works and connects easily with alexa!
    great colour change – good for migraines etc can adjust accordingly and different types of reading. can adjust lights in a group or separately also!

    Amy Shetty

  • “I’m having issues with connecting my Vintage Wifi Bulb to Alexa/Google Home”

     Please ensure that your bulb is the correct pairing mode. Please see our help videos and refer to the instructions supplied. If you have any further issues please do not hesitate in contacting us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

  • Is the Vintage Wifi Bulb compatible with a Philips Hue or Samsung SmartThings Zigbee Hub?

    No, the Smart Vintage WiFi Bulb does not work with Philips Hue or Samsung SmartThings thing Zigbee hubs. However, our Zigbee Filament Bulbs are compatible with these devices. Click here to view this item.

  • Is the Vintage Wifi Bulb compatible with Bluetooth?

    No, the Smart Vintage Wifi Bulb is not compatible with Bluetooth. It works on a WiFi connection.

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