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Smart WIFI LED Strip Kit

Includes: LED Strip, Wifi Controller & 24V Power Supply.

(40 customer reviews)

This Wifi LED strip kit comes with everything you need to get your LED strip lights set up quickly. The Controller uses Wifi technology allowing you to connect to your phone or smart device through an app. You can also connect to Alexa or Google Home.


  • Connect your Wifi LED strip kit to Alexa or Google Home, however, a hub is not required as you can also connect to your mobile device via the Smart Life or Tuya App.
  • Millions of colour combinations available as well as 50,000 shades of white – create the perfect atmosphere in your home or office.
  • Choice of 3.2m or 5.2m LED strip included in the kit.
  • 24V Power supply also included.
  • Waterproof rating IP65 – this kit can be used in any room of the house including the bathroom and kitchen.
  • LED strips can be cut at 20cm intervals.

9 in stock (can be backordered)

£59.99£85.00 Inc.Vat


  • 6 pin connectors
    6 Pin Connectors £5.99£15.00 Inc.Vat

Product Features

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    Voice Command
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    App Control
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    Dimming & Tuning
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    IP65 Waterproof Rating
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zigbee pro series strip


This Wifi LED strip kit comes with either a 3.2 meter LED strip or a 5.2-meter strip. Please select the length you would like when making your purchase.

The Strip offers 16 million colours to choose from as well as 1200 Lumens (white light).

The LED strip is very easy to install and comes with adhesive already applied. Simply peel away the tape and secure your strip to any surface.

Wifi Controller

The smart LED strip kit comes with one of our Wifi LED strip controllers.

The Wifi controller gives your LED strips smart functionality and enables you to utilise its smart features.

These features include colour changing and tunable white light.

These controllers can also be synced with your smart device. We sell a range of LED controllers here at Ajax Online.

cieling led lighting
dimming and tuning

24V Power Supply

The Wifi LED Strip kit also includes a 24V power supply.

Our LED Strip Power Supply is durable and reliable. It has been tested and improved upon to allow for less noise without compromise. This high-quality, versatile LED Power supply gives constant and reliable power to your lights.

Why Choose the Wifi LED Strip Kit?

The Wifi LED Strip Kit is a convenient all-in-one solution for achieving smart lighting in the home or office.

This Wifi LED Strip Kit is reliable and cost-effective. Included in the kit is everything you need to set up and control your strip lighting. You can also use smart features and control the lights from your phone or smart device.

The strips included in the Wifi LED kit are versatile and offer a range of LED placement possibilities. You even have 2 lengths to choose from. Furthermore, you’ll find there is no complicated setup. Simply peel and stick your strips in place.

With the wifi controller, turning your LED strips into smart lighting couldn’t be easier.

LED strips quickly make a home feel more modern, especially with the addition of smart features. There’s no need to shop around for everything you need. The Wifi LED Strip Kit has it all, making it the ideal solution for showing off your space and creating a smarter atmosphere.

ED sxtensions
Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 32 × 25 × 10 cm

3.2m Set, 5.2m Set

Light Colour

Full Colour


1200 Lumens

Pack Size




Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Tuya/SmartLife

Average Life

25000 Hours


10 Watts Per Metre


24 Volts


Silicone and Plastic


1 Kilogram


Based on 40 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. Max D

    Arrived promptly. Packed safely. The Hue app works and connects with the LEDs. A bonus … the lead is detachable. Very happy customer ?

    Max D

  2. Avni Agarwal

    For anyone looking to buy this product there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, the cable from the LED to the connecter is large. Second, the cables are broad. It’s important to know this so you can find a place to store the cables and connectors. I’d recommend this product to anoyone looking for smart automation within their home. Great value, well designed and useful!!! Thank You!

    Avni Agarwal

  3. Adegoke_A

    Range of colours!
    Brought this for my passage for my flat. Very birght and a good range of colours, good white colour and great RGB colour. My guests love it when they visit!


  4. Kanta

    Quick delivery. Nicely packaged.


  5. Gauv

    Excellent Product. Very good set up and documentation.


  6. Nathan Blackwell

    Reccommended product and worth the price.
    Great packing, came swiftly and easy to install

    Nathan Blackwell

  7. Mikhaila Burnstein

    Customer Service is exceptional
    When I brought this product, I had difficulties in setting it up. I phoned Ajax online to ask for some help and they helped with setting up the product, app use and other essential questions. The product is fantastic, and it paired quickly with the LEDs. The power supply is proficient, and the controller is easy to use. If you are looking to boost your home lights, this would be it! Very pleased with both the service and the product.

    Mikhaila Burnstein

  8. Mrs S R Ingrid

    Paired quick, Easy to use and hassle -free!
    I don’t write reviews often, but this product is worth it. All the lights in my house are on hue or are hue products. I didn’t want to spend £110 on a 4mtr lightstrip. Instead I was looking for something that was cost friendly and worthwhile. I brought this product quite sceptically. Anyways, the hue is perfect and there was no problems with the motion sensor. This is a quality product with a good power pack! I am pleased. Excellent.

    Mrs S R Ingrid

  9. Jaseenah Mustafa

    Happy Customer and Extremely Bright. I decided to buy this product for my mother’s home. Along with this one, I brought 4 x 3.2m extension strips and a 2m strip to controller cable.
    I was impressed with the packaging. The box was decent and professional. Inside the box, there was a silver bag with the extension reel. For the record, standard Aluminium channels do not fit easily with the straight connecter. There is a small gap between the channel and the diffuser. Apart from that, once everything was connected using the instructions and the parts, the light worked. I had no issues with it. Just switch the device on and use the controller. The colour selection and brightness levels are remarkable. This is a must have for ANYONE who wants their house to look modern and bright. Recommend and good purchase. Worth the money. Easy to use. Thank you Ajax Online!

    Jaseenah Mustafa

  10. Mr Abudllah

    Good Hue Colour! Received today before 11am. Impressed with the quality as I was expecting something cheap. Effortless integration with my Alex Hue mobile app. This product is top-notch! Well done.

    Mr Abudllah

  11. Cho D

    Great Product! Easy to Use! Well worth it!

    Cho D

  12. Mr Shigeko S

    Accessible and Reliable!Perfect.

    Mr Shigeko S

  13. Natalia Maryland

    I am really impressed with this product. Cost effective and useful. I would recommend it. It was professionally packed, and no parts were missing.

    Natalia Maryland

  14. Mr C Cesar

    Impressive, useful, and great lights! Great quality and great product!

    Mr C Cesar

  15. Wafaa Ali

    Excellent value for money.

    Wafaa Ali

  16. Peter M

    Fantastic. Perfect product. Does the job.

    Peter M

  17. Harry Sawyer

    Has made a difference in my son’s room. He likes the light and range of colours too. Good product.

    Harry Sawyer

  18. Mr T Birch

    Great Product. Brought other parts. Really pleased with the product.

    Mr T Birch

  19. Jason Vekaria

    Adaptable product. Can connect to most parts of the house. Spoke to Ajay at Ajax Online and he was helpful and considerate. Great customer service.

    Jason Vekaria

  20. Rebecca S

    My daughter wanted some LED lights for her room as her room is naturally quite dark. I found these LED lights and this product is perfectly suited. I wanted my daughter to have different coloured lights as she is 8 years old. I used an old system with my Phillips Hue, but it was quite expensive. I wish I had found this earlier because it would have changed everything!
    Firstly, there is no excessive paper or material in the packaging because everything is recyclable. The setup is easy and straightforward.
    Connecting these lights with my current Hue system was simple. There is a full spectrum of colours to choose from. The colours are bright, beautiful, and bold.
    You can adjust the colour temperature, temperature, and saturation.
    It has a voice controller too with either Google or Alexa.
    Does the job well. Highly recommend for anyone looking to make their home futuristic and fun! My daughter loves it!!

    Rebecca S

  21. Dr Johnson

    Absolutely delighted and impressed with this product. Not only is it easy to collect, but Ajay assisted me during the installation process. Ajay was direct, formal and professional. Thank you. This product is a must buy.

    Dr Johnson

  22. Pedro Gonsalves

    I’ll be honest. I thought this product would not work, but when I followed the instructions and connected it to my app, it worked instantly. You can change the colours, adjust the temperature, and put it anywhere in the house. Great product! Fantastic and Excited to buy more for the house!

    Pedro Gonsalves

  23. Mr Parker

    Premium Product. Great Value for money.

    Mr Parker

  24. Racheal Becker

    Good Quality Product. Easy to assemble. Worth the money. I am happy with this product. Great packaging.

    Racheal Becker

  25. Brian K

    The product arrived swiftly. 5/5. Exceptional delivery and service. Product works. Thank you.

    Brian K

  26. Mr Will Mitchell

    The product works. The LED lights up. Easily connected to my Phillip Hue System. Highly recommend. Great service.

    Mr Will Mitchell

  27. Bernice Birch

    I am happy with these LED lights. It connects easily with an app and you can connect either Google or Alexa with it. Worth the money. Happy customer.

    Bernice Birch

  28. Mr H.

    Brilliant price for the lights. Great range of colours.

    Mr H.

  29. Mr Watts

    Everything works. Good service.

    Mr Watts

  30. Miss B A

    Ajax products are good. Brought a motor from the same company. Followed up with the owner. Friendly and helpful.

    Miss B A

  31. Andy

    Great, bright, and brilliant. Worth the money.


  32. Mrs Cotton

    Great Product, Worth the Price! Initially, I thought it wouldn’t work. Easy to set-up, just follow the instructions on the package and your good to go!

    Mrs Cotton

  33. James Watson

    I installed this product in the darkest room in my house because there is no natural light. It worked easily and the light colour is bright. It is easily adjustable.

    James Watson

  34. Candace P

    Easy to set up. Worth the price.

    Candace P

  35. Addie Schmidt

    Useful. Easy to use. No problems with any of the parts. Follow the instructions and you are good to go.

    Addie Schmidt

  36. Pamela Johnson

    The colour choice and range is brilliant.

    Pamela Johnson

  37. Russell

    Great colour range, its about £10 more than other products, but its worth the price.


  38. Mr Mills

    Out of all the products on the web, I’d recommend this. My favourite colour is the ink one and my youngest daughter likes it too. I am happy with this product that I even recommended it to my friend.

    Mr Mills

  39. Andrew McCrew

    I was sceptical, but I really needed to improve the colour in my room. So, I decided to buy this and it was worth it.

    Andrew McCrew

  40. Peter Ludwig

    I am genuinely happy with this product. There were no problems with the packaging or each of the components. I am looking to buy other parts with this company. Great customer service.

    Peter Ludwig

  • Do I need a smart hub for this?

    No, a smart hub is not required for this kit.

  • Does it come with a power supply?

    Yes. All of our LED strips and kits come with a power supply.

  • Do you have a 10 m version available?

    We don’t have a 10m, however, we have 5.2m extensions led strip which can be used to extend the length of your strips.

  • Does this Wifi LED Strip Kit work with a ZigBee app? If so which app?

    This is a Wifi strip and therefore does not work with Zigbee applications.

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Introducing The Smart Wifi LED Strip Kit By Ajax Online

Introducing the Smart Wifi LED Strip Kit. The kit includes the LED Strip, Wifi Controller & Power Supply.

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