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This Smart Zigbee Plug is the ideal solution to creating a smarter home. The Zigbee Plug works with Zigbee Hub from Philips Hue, SmartThings, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Please note: Not compatible with Apple Homekit & Philips Hue Entertainment.

  • The Smart Zigbee plug is easy to set up and you will make your appliances smart in no time.
  • This Smart Zigbee Plug offers both wireless and a manual control switch, so you can control from anywhere.
  • The Smart Zigbee plugs are slim and do not obstruct space around your plug sockets.
  • Extends the range of your ZigBee devices, when plugged into a wall outlet. You can optimise your existing Zigbee products.
  • With the Smart Zigbee plug you can control your appliances from your smartphone. There’s no need to leave your seat to turn off your appliances.
  • Set your lamps or electric heaters to switch off when not needed.
  • Scheduling is available using your smart device.

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Product Features

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    App COntrol
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    Dimming & Tuning
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    Voice Command
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    16 Million Colour Combinations
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    IP65 Waterproof
table lamp

Control, Automate and Schedule…

Run your home from anywhere on your schedule by automating the small appliances and lamps you use every day. You are able to create schedules and automation to turn your Zigbee plugs on and off when you need to.

The Smart Zigbee plug can be set to turn ON/OFF at your scheduled time. Great security for when you are on holiday or when you’re not at home.

Sync With Your Smart Assistant or Hub and Control with Your Voice…

You can control our Smart Zigbee Plugs with your voice. Its easy to pair the plugs with your smart hub and our products all come with easy to follow instruction. Once you’ve synced your device to the plug, simply ask Alexa or Google Home to turn the plug ON/OFF.
Compatible with Zigbee Hub from Philips Hue, SmartThings, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Not compatible with Apple Homekit & Philips Hue Entertainment

voice command
Electric heater

The Smart Zigbee Plug Is Easy to Use…

Our Smart ZigBee Plug is simple and easy to use. Simply connect it to your compatible smart Zigbee hub, and then use your voice to turn appliances on and off.

Connect different appliances to the plugs to make them smart. This is great because you’re no longer restricted on what you can connect to your smart hub or device.

You can also control your Zigbee plugs through an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Why Use Smart Zigbee Plugs?

Using Smart Zigbee Plugs is a quick, simple and effective way to turn any appliance into a smart feature in your home.
These plugs are in-expensive and you can turn power sources off from the touch of a button or voice command. Giving you more control over your electrical goods.

The smart Plug is very easy to set up and ideal for both living and workspaces. When you’ve finished your day at the office, simply switch all electrical items off and leave knowing your space is safe.

Smart Zigbee plugs make life a lot easier when leaving to go on holiday. If you’re worried you’ve left something on, simply turn your plugs off using your mobile device. These plugs offer a fantastic and affordable smart home solution.

electric appliances
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 21 × 28 × 7 cm
Pack Size




Alexa (Zigbee) Hub, Zignito Hub, Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Tuya/SmartLife


3120 Watts


220 Volts


Metal and Plastic

Plug Type



13 Amps


141 Grams


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4.8 overall

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  1. Tom G

    This device is easy to set up with Samsung. Great value for money.

    Tom G

  2. Lucas Finley

    It did what it needed to do. Good performance and worth the purchase!

    Lucas Finley

  3. Benedict Skywalker

    Great product running and will buy a new one. Ajay on the phone was friendly, helpful and responsive to my needs. Great customer service.

    Benedict Skywalker

  4. Naina Majeed

    Couldn’t connect to Hue, so I had to return it back.

    Naina Majeed

  5. Dimitri Dimivoski

    Brought this for my niece’s bedroom . great sensors and works well.

    Dimitri Dimivoski

  6. Tarrick Fernando

    Paired well with one the square Phillips Hue Hub. No problems. Great Purchase.

    Tarrick Fernando

  7. Samantha Goldberg

    Connectivity is good. Used it for Christmas decorations. Great purchase and connected easily.

    Samantha Goldberg

  8. Preeti Patel

    Great Hue Lighting. Brought this with Hue Lighting system. Simple to connect to the Hue system. Great lighting.

    Preeti Patel

  9. Jalinder Kumar

    Works goodly. Easy to set up.

    Jalinder Kumar

  10. Nadia Lu

    Once you set it up, it works well.

    Nadia Lu

  11. Maria B

    Works with Phillips Hue. Product is perfect for my needs and it works well.

    Maria B

  12. Ranveer S

    Hue Bridge version 1 works well. Can use from my ipad.

    Ranveer S

  13. Fatima P

    Links easily with Hue and Amazon Echo.

    Fatima P

  14. Susanna

    Arrive quickly. Nicely packed. Works fine with Amazon echo plus.


  15. Vikesh

    I liked that it works flawlessly with Hue bridge. I dislike the price. Overall, worth the buy.


  16. Rahima

    After several attempts it finally works.


  17. brahim

    Great product. Fantastic support from Ajax online. Hue system integrates easily.


  18. Edward Smith

    Delivered quickly. Connected to Phillip Hue. The best part is the fact that you can use a Hue switch to control a ‘non-Philips Hue’ device.

    Edward Smith

  19. Sikwandra

    Need more because it is brilliant.


  20. Anne B

    Great and works well. Easy to set up, quickly sets up

    Anne B

  21. Miss Kaur

    Ajax provide plenty of ways to set up the systems.

    Miss Kaur

  22. Debbie Ryan

    Connects to Echo. Recognises it too. Simple to connect.

    Debbie Ryan

  23. Charlie

    Good product. Works well.


  24. Casandra

    Easy to set up, really impressed with the product.


  25. Chrystain

    Very easy to set up and works well with Hue.


  26. Naomi Chomsky

    Great. Works well with SmartThings.

    Naomi Chomsky

  27. Micheal Brues

    Works well with Phillips. Connected to easily.

    Micheal Brues

  28. Tarun

    Delightful and works well. Plays well with Phillips Hue.


  29. Miss Schringer

    Great. Paired easily.

    Miss Schringer

  30. Dr Bateman

    Hue Connected easily. Instructions were easy to read. Great.

    Dr Bateman

  31. Katy

    Easy to set up, but didn’t connect with Apple.


  32. Aidan

    Delivered simply and does the job. Thank you.


  33. Hallvard

    Easy to set up in under three minutes.


  34. Imogen

    Product is good, works well and I would recommend it to everyone.


  35. Neil C

    Easy to instal. Used along with IP65 rated light strip for bedroom.

    Neil C

  36. Archie P

    It is easy to install and works well.

    Archie P

  37. Brahmin

    Easy to set up and looks good. Used it for xmas decoration.


  38. Maxine Singer

    Great product and it installed instantly.

    Maxine Singer

  39. Jack Iwin

    Very easy to set up and use!

    Jack Iwin

  40. Sapphire

    Great Product and easy to use. Paired it instantly with the Hub.


  41. Ms D

    Very easy to set up and works well. Would thoroughly recommend!!

    Ms D

  42. Eckart Xu

    Good product. Integrates well with Hue.

    Eckart Xu

  43. Mikhaila

    A bit long winded, but overall great product.


  44. Cody

    Fantastic Customer Support. Get connected to Smarthings easily.


  45. Shannon

    Great product. Works perfectly.


  46. Krishan

    Great Product, good customer service.


  47. Bernice

    Brilliant product. Easy to setup.


  48. Floyd

    Easy to set up, great product. Will definitely buy more!


  49. George

    Connects with Phillip. Works perfectly.


  50. Jeremy

    Works well. Installs into existing Hue system with no problems.


  51. Tom

    Fantastic item. Does the job


  52. Tya

    Connects well. Does the job. Simple to work.


  53. Esther

    Sets up well. Worth the penny.


  54. Sunita

    Smart socket. Easy to set up.


  • Do these bulbs work with zigbee2mqtt?
  • “ Zigbee Smart Plug is paired with the app, however, it doesn’t seem to be operational within the app”

    Please perform a factory reset and try pairing the bulb again.

  • “I’m having issues with connecting my Zigbee plugs to Zigbee Hub/SmartThings/Amazon Alexa/Google Home.”

    Please ensure that the skills in their respective apps and linked to one another.

  • Is the Zigbee Smart Plug compatible with a Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings or Zigbee Hub?

    Yes the Zigbee Smart Plug is compatible with Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Echo Plus (with built in Zigbee Hub).

  • Is the Zigbee Smart Plug compatible with Bluetooth?

    No, The Zigbee Smart Plug is not compatible with Bluetooth, The Zigbee Smart Plug is only compatible with Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Echo Plus(with built in Zigbee Hub).

  • Is the Zigbee Smart Plug compatible with a Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings or Zigbee Hub?

    Yes the Zigbee Smart Plug is compatible with Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Echo Plus(with built in Zigbee Hub)

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