Zignito Zigbee Smart Plug – With Energy Monitoring*

Works with Our Zignito Hub, Philips Hue*, SmartThings*, Home Assistant, Conbee, Amazon Echo Plus

(9 customer reviews)

This Smart Zigbee Plug is the ideal solution to creating a smarter home. The Zigbee Plug works with Zignito Zigbee Hub from, SmartThings, Amazon Echo Plus

Please note: Philips Hue, Echo Plus do not have energy monitoring function

Benefits of Zigbee smart plug:

  • Monitors energy usage in real-time to help reduce consumption and save on electricity bills.
  • Offers seamless connectivity to your home network via Zigbee technology.
  • Compatible with a variety of home appliances for versatile control over energy usage.
  • Easy-to-use with a user-friendly interface accessible from your smartphone.
  • Part of a larger ecosystem of Zigbee-enabled smart home devices for total home automation.
  • Space-saving design fits easily into standard UK sockets without blocking other outlets.
  • Enables energy-efficient lighting control through remote operation and scheduling.
  • Acts as a Zigbee repeater and extender, allowing for easy expansion of your network

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Devices You Can Depend On…

Zigbee places far less strain on your WIFI network, providing you with a much faster and more secure connection.

Unlike traditional hub systems, in which devices communicate to a central controller, our Zigbee products use mesh networking technology. This allows devices to communicate with one another, if one relay device should fail, the devices can communicate with another relay device, leaving service uninterrupted as a whole.

Product Features

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    Status Updates
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    App Control
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    Sync With Sub Devices
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    Voice Command
schedule devices

Control, Automate & Schedule

Run your home from anywhere on your schedule by automating the small appliances you use every day. You are able to create schedules and automation to turn your Zignito plugs on and off when you need to.

Whether you wish to control devices from home or away, Zignito plugs can be controlled via app or voice command. Perfect for those who wish to intergrate appliances, heaters or entertainment systems into their home automation system.

Save energy by turning devices off when they are not in use, without need to remove plugs or turn off sockets.

Sync with other Devices

Sync your Zignito plugs with other devices and have appliances turn on or off in response to other devices. Have appliances turn off when you leave the house by syncing to your door sensors or have the heating turn on when sensors are triggered. The possibilities are endless.

In order to sync your plugs with other devices, you will require a Zignito hub. The plugs connect seamlessly to your hub enabling you to set schedules, routines, and more. You can also control your plugs and other Zignito devices using the SmartLife app. Automating your home couldn’t be easier!

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 21 × 28 × 7 cm
Pack Size

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Zignito Hub, Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Tuya/SmartLife


3120 Watts


220-240 Volts


Metal and Plastic

Plug Type



13 Amps


141 Grams


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4.1 overall

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  1. BH

    Barry Hodgetts (verified owner)

    Easy to connect works well. Added bonus it gives the electricity used each day or month on the yearly tab in the app. The range seems better than wifi devices connected to the my Virgin hub.I think it acts to extend the network but it does not say that on the box so cant be 100% sure just an observation. It also works with the quick button when the wifi is down but of course you loose access to the app with out wifi connected to the hub.

    Barry Hodgetts

  2. MC

    Mark Cater (verified owner)

    Zignito Zigbee Smart PlugExcellent smart plug, no effort at all to set up, update firmware etc.
    Looks neat, and performs well as an extender.
    Great service from Ajax as usual.

    Mark Cater

  3. TT

    Tomasz Tonkowicz (verified owner)

    All good. Easy to pair. 5 second and is all done

    Tomasz Tonkowicz

  4. MM

    Mark Manford (verified owner)

    Easy product and great sales advice

    Mark Manford

  5. SS

    Simon Smiles

    The 250v protection means the plug turns its output off if the mains voltage is 250v or higher, which it can reasonably be in the UK, so these can and do turn themselves off when you don’t want them to. Hopefully a firmware update will fix. Would be a good product if they didn’t turn themselves off all the time.

    Simon Smiles

    • W

      website-admin (store manager)

      Hello Simon , Thank you for your feedback. We have now new stock with new firmware that resolved this issue. They now also works with Phillips Hue, SmartThings, Conbee, HomeAssistant and Our Zignito Zigbee Hub. Please note energy monitoring is not available on Hue and SmartThings.
      Kind Regards
      Ajax Online


  6. IW

    Ian Wallace (verified owner)

    As a Home Assistant Zigbee network user looking to add automations to lamps, and energy monitoring on my larger appliances, this switch had more than the perfect plethora of functions for me. After a bit of tinkering, as the documentation that both came with the box and online weren’t very helpful, I figured out all the functionality of these plugs, and I cannot fault them in the slightest.

    To help share what I found, as the documentations was notably lacking, and to help inform you better, here’s all the info you need:

    Device info
    – Device type: Router. (This device will extend the Zigbee network once connected)

    – Switch: A toggle to turn on and off the power flowing through the switch.

    – Active power: Active Wattage
    – Power factor: This comes up as unknown to me, so I do not know this functionality
    – RMS current: Ampule measurement
    – Summation delivered: Total kilowatt-hours (kWh) delivered over time

    – Backlight mode: Set when the power button on the switch is enabled (Off: Always off; LightWhenOn: Light is enabled when switch is enabled; LightWhenOff: Light is enabled when switch is disabled)
    – Child lock: Disable power button functionality, meaning it can only be toggled remotely via the Switch control (or via the power socket directly)
    – Power on state: State to return to when power is enabled from the socket (Off: Starts with power disabled; On: Starts with power enabled; LastState: Starts matching the previous state it saved prior to being disabled)

    Overall, these plugs meet my usage needs, and are perfect for all the expected functions I’m looking to accomplish. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future, when the need arises.

    Ian Wallace

  7. GC

    Graeme Carr (verified owner)

    The plug works fine within the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app allowing you to monitor and track the load drawn through it and to switch it on / off remotely.
    I cannot, however, “see” the plug through the Zigbee wired gateway that I also purchased from Ajax within Google Home Assistant. I can see the gateway itself but nothing further. This means that I can’t control the plug via Home Assistant.

    I have contacted Ajax customer support requesting guidance twice now but, disappointingly, without any response.

    Graeme Carr

  8. IC

    Ian Cross (verified owner)

    So simple, connects to Home Assistant no problem. Delivered promptly and a good price.

    Ian Cross

  9. GC

    Graeme Carr (verified owner)

    The plug works fine through the Tuya app, allowing the connected load to be monitored and the plug to be switched remotely.

    I also purchased the Zignito hub intending to link it with my Google Home setup but can’t “see” the Smart Plug from within Google Home Assistant. (I can see the hub)

    I’ve now sent in several support requests to Ajex Online about this which have all been ignored, which is disappointing, hence the 3 star rating.

    Graeme Carr

  • Does the Zignito Smart Plug work as an extender/repeater?

    Yes, the Zignito Smart Plug does work as an extender and repeater.

  • Can I share an Ajax Online Zignito device with my family members or friends?

    Yes, that’s possible. You can add as many devices as you want to an account, but a device can only be added to one account. You can share this account with up to five people e.g. family members or friends.

  • Why don't I get the notifications with my mobile phone app?

    Confirm that the app is active on the phone and the relevant reminder function is open; Message notifications and confirmation of the mobile telephone system are on.

  • I cannot pair the plug with the Ajax Online ZIgnito Hub

    Please reset the plug by holding the power button for 5 seconds until the LED starts flashing.

  • The Ajax Online Zignito devices cannot connect to the network, what is the reason for this?

    1. Check if the LED light on the Zignito Hub is flashing and the network is running, as usual. 2. Check if the devices are in range and connected to the Zignito hub 3. If this fails, please reset and pair the Zignito devices again.

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How To Pair Your Ajax Online Zignito Plug

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