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Waterproof Neon LED Rope Light

Bluetooth App and RF remote included

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Our waterproof LED Rope Light, Strip kit is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a unique and beautiful lighting experience. With easy controls, energy-efficient design, and long-lasting LED lights, you can enjoy vibrant and colorful lighting in any space, indoor or outdoor. Order now and transform your space today!

  • RGBIC neon LEDs (60 LEDS per Metre and 10 IC chip) giving minimum dark spots.
  • Easy controls: Bluetooth, app, and remote control
  • Waterproof design: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Maximum brightness and efficiency
  • flexible, allowing for easy installation
  • Music sync
  • Energy Saving
  • Long Lasting
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use

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Upgrade your outdoor space with our waterproof and versatile RGBIC neon LED rope light strip.

With the included 24V power supply, you can enjoy maximum brightness and efficiency without worrying about high energy bills. This LED strip is designed to provide a unique lighting experience with brilliant color and flexible installation options.

Product Features

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    App Control
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    Dimming & Tuning
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    Voice Command
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    16 Million Colour Combinations
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    Music Sync
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Controlling the Lights is Easy

Controlling the lights is easy with Bluetooth, app, and remote options, giving you the freedom to adjust the lighting to suit your mood or occasion. Whether you’re looking to create an ambiance or simply add some color to your space, our LED strip is the perfect solution. The lights are also waterproof, allowing you to use them indoors or outdoors without worrying about water damage.

Convenient and easy to use

With the included Bluetooth remote control, users can easily control the LED strip from their smartphone or tablet, making it easy to turn the lights on and off, adjust the brightness, and change the color.

Remote Control Included for Manual Control:

  • Bluetooth remote control for convenient control of the Garden LED Strip Kit
  • Buttons for on/off, dimming, and speed control on dynamic color flowing modes
  • 9 selectable modes for customization
  • Easy and intuitive operation with remote control

A More Immersive Experience

Our LED strip also features music sync and voice control options, allowing you to create an immersive experience in your home or office. Sync the lights to your favorite music and watch them dance to the beat, or use voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free control.

Versatile and portable

The LED strip can be operated using battery power, making it portable and perfect for use in a variety of outdoor settings, including gardens, patios, and decks.


With a range of color options and brightness settings, users can customize the LED strip to match their mood or the occasion, making it perfect for parties, gatherings, or just relaxing outside.

party lighting
creative led lights

Versatile Garden LED Rope Light

In addition to the above features, the LED strip is also energy-efficient and long-lasting. You’ll save money on energy bills while enjoying bright and beautiful lighting that will last for years to come. The LED lights are flexible, making it easy to install them on any surface or shape, making it easy to customize your lighting to your liking.


The LED strip is designed to be energy-efficient, using low-power LEDs that consume minimal energy, which can help save on electricity costs over time.

Easy to install

The LED strip is designed to be easy to install, with simple adhesive tape that can be used to attach the strip to a variety of surfaces.

Multi-Use LED Rope Light LED Strip

With its multi-use design, this LED strip is perfect for decoration, ambiance, and creating the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Use it to enhance your living space, light up your garden, or add some color to your event or party. It’s the perfect way to upgrade your space and bring a new level of ambiance and atmosphere.

Waterproof and durable

The LED strip is waterproof and can withstand exposure to rain and other weather conditions, making it perfect for use in outdoor settings.

Safe to use

The LED strip is safe to use, with low-voltage power that reduces the risk of electric shock, making it a great option for families with children or pets.

Waterproof LED strips
neon LED strips

Why Bluetooth Technology is the Ideal Choice for Controlling Your LED Strip

With Bluetooth, you can quickly and easily connect to your LED strip and control it from a distance, whether you’re in your garden or outdoor space. Plus, since Bluetooth consumes less power than other wireless protocols like Wi-Fi, you can operate your LED rope light using battery power, making it more portable and versatile.

The fact that Bluetooth technology is already widely used in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets also means that you can easily control your LED rope light from anywhere in your garden or outdoor space using an app on your phone.

The Benefits of Bluetooth Control

Using Bluetooth for the “Garden Waterproof LED Strip Kit” can offer several advantages.

Better Range

Bluetooth technology provides a better range of communication with a direct line of sight of around 10 meters.

More Power Efficient

Bluetooth is a low-power protocol, In contrast, Wi-Fi consumes a significant amount of power.

Simple Setup

Bluetooth-enabled devices are easy to set up, with no additional equipment required. Wi-Fi requires additional hardware and configuration.


Bluetooth connections are secure and require physical proximity to connect, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to the strip.


5m Kit, 10m Kit, 5m Extension

Light Colour

Full Colour

Pack Size




24 Volts


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  1. Mark (verified owner)

    I wanted some lighting to brighten up the area outside my summerhouse at night and chose these LED strips.
    They are very well made, a little more chunky than I expected but also more flexible than I expected so was able to fix in better positions, there are plenty of metal clips to hold them in place, just need some small screws.

    I had three 5 metre lengths with the intention of joining all of them together but didn’t realise the strip controller was dual channel meaning you can have 2 completely separate sets which made placement even better.
    The IR remote that come with the set it a little basic but because of where the controller is located means I can’t use it, however the phone app has plenty of options to choose from, from a single colour to multi colour chasing light animations, you can have one colour/animation on one channel and something different on the other channel.
    Within the app you can also alter the brightness, speed and set timers, there are 40 preset animations some of which are music activated and there are 9 presets you can program yourself.

    Couldn’t wait to see what they were like in the dark and wow I was not disappointed, they are very bright and colours are strong,
    One set I laid out are around a large planter so the light shines up and around plants with great effect.

    I had been looking around for sometime for that perfect lighting system, now I found it.

    Must also mention as well the fantastic service and support I have had from Zignito for this purchase and for others in the past.


    • website-admin

      Thank you Mark for your great feedback. Being a small company this means a lot to us.


    Submitted Successfully

    We will respond soon

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