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Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller


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This Zigbee 5 in 1 LED strip controller is compatible with 5 types of LED strips, making it ideal for controlling any LED strips. The versatile controller gives your LED strips smart functionality and equips you with fantastic smart features such as voice command and scheduling. Works with Zigbee smart hubs.

Please note: Not compatible with Apple Homekit & Philips Hue Entertainment.

  • Compatible with 5 types of LED strip – RGBW, RGB, WW, CW and single colour LED strips.
  • Our Smart Zigbee Controllers will memorise all the last settings from when it was last ON
  • Dimming and scheduling available when connected to your smart chosen smart device.
  • Power supply and strip not included – Available for separate purchase or can be purchased as part of an LED strip kit

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Product Features

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    Dimming & Tuning
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    Voice Command
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LED strip lighting scheduled

Dimming Functionality & Scheduling Features

The Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Controller offers dimming functionality. This allows you to create the perfect atmosphere from romantic to productive.

This controller also provides its users with 16 million colour combinations to choose from. Why not transform your home with colour?

The Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller also allows you to schedule your LED strips to come on at a type that suits you.

Sync With Your Smart Home Device

Why not control your lights with voice command? This 5 in 1 Zigbee controller works with Alexa, Google Home and other Zigbee-powered smart hubs.

The device is also compatible with the Philips hue app.

Please note: the Zigbee 5 in 1 controller does not work with Philips Hue Entertainment or Apple Home Kit.

Suitable for Philips Hue LightStrip Plus and most led strip lights in the market.

voice command for strips
zigbee pro series strip

Versatile 5 in 1 Compatibility

This Controller is 5 in 1. This means it is compatible with five types of LED strip.

The Zigbee 5 in 1 Controller works with RGB, RGBW, CW, WW and SC LED strips.

Simply plug your LED strips into the controller and sync it with your smart hub or device to gain complete control over your LED strip lighting.

Why Choose the Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller?

The use of the Zigbee 5 in 1 Controller is a quick, simple, and effective way to control your smart lighting.

This controller can make your LED strips more energy-efficient and cost-effective. With this Zigbee controller, you can have complete control in one place.

The Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Controller offers a range of settings and there is no complicated setup. All of our products come with instructions that are easy to follow and you will have your system in place in no time at all.

Smart lighting has become very popular. More and more people are interested in smart technology and often the first thing people want is smart lighting. With the Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Strip controller, it makes going smart so much easier.

Smart Controllers can quickly make a home feel more modern. They offer a simple way to control and schedule your home lighting. The controller provides convenience and makes for a fantastic addition to your smart home system.

LED lighting application
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 16 cm
Pack Size




Alexa (Zigbee) Hub, Zignito Hub, Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Tuya/SmartLife


144 Watts


12-24 DC Volts


Aluminium and Plastic


6 Amps


120 Grams


Based on 39 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. Mr Mukende

    Very happy to recommend.

    Mr Mukende

  2. Miss Marr

    I am happy. It connects with 5m RGBW LED Strip!

    Miss Marr

  3. Alejandro M

    Colours are perfectly accurate. I can change the device multiple times.

    Alejandro M

  4. Mr Atinder

    I struggled to connect but found it. Overall, great product.

    Mr Atinder

  5. Mr Khan

    So far, the product is good. If you need to connect your LED to Alexa, then this product is worth the buy!

    Mr Khan

  6. Shrinandra

    Smart phones can connect easily. Does the job well. They are slightly better than the hue lights.


  7. Hannah Kane

    If you own LED strips, then you must buy this!
    Came in an amazing tiny box and can connect to smart app. The Zigbee/Philips Hues are compatible.

    Hannah Kane

  8. Gemma

    Good Product. I brought something like this before from another buyer but prefer this as it is brighter.


  9. Alek

    Great Controllers and works well with Alexa App
    I would recommend it. I have brought a couple of units for my kids’ room.


  10. Mrs Bey

    Fantastic Product. Attached to LED strip behind my 60” TV using 505RGB+WW and it fits well with my Hue lights.

    Mrs Bey

  11. Mr A Bhudia

    Great Product. Nicely packed and great product would recommend.

    Mr A Bhudia

  12. Anita Anand Agarwal

    Great and Cheap Product. Instructions are quite small, maybe change the font, but overall great product.

    Anita Anand Agarwal

  13. Mr Owen

    LED Strips connect with alexa. Easy to set up, great.

    Mr Owen

  14. Dhiren G

    Superb quality. This product is great! Works well and colours are bright.

    Dhiren G

  15. Vincent

    Great Product. Would recommend.


  16. Ursula

    LED Strips can link to Smart Systems. Great results, easy to set up and can connect with Philips.


  17. Fran Lu

    Big Thanks. I connected this with two LED strips. Works well.

    Fran Lu

  18. Aubin Berger

    Must Buy. Amazing Product.

    Aubin Berger

  19. Azeez

    Great piece of kit, easy to set up and connects with Alexa.


  20. Mr B

    Work well and great service from Ajay.

    Mr B

  21. Andrea Parker

    After reading the reviews I liked the sound of this product. It worked well.

    Andrea Parker

  22. Saul

    Great product, easy to set up.


  23. Mr Majid

    They work well once I paired them with Alexa app. I brought 4 Zigbee LED Controllers and this brand has the best colours.

    Mr Majid

  24. Albion

    Good for the kitchen. Lights are bright. Worth the price.


  25. Mrs Hinch

    Controller was fixed by Ajay and the product itself connects easily. The Hue colour is great.

    Mrs Hinch

  26. Olayinka

    Works Well and connects easily. Great for kitchen use.


  27. Laura Burchard

    Superb quality. For the money it is worth it!

    Laura Burchard

  28. Arthur H

    Great product, easy to use.

    Arthur H

  29. Cyrus

    Product works well. Hue motion sensor links quickly to lights


  30. Tacito

    Fantastic, Great buy!


  31. Mr Malhotra

    The brightness is great. Overall, it does the job.

    Mr Malhotra

  32. Juan

    Great product, works well and connects with Alexa


  33. Fabia

    Great Price and affordable.


  34. Julianna Jones

    Price is worthwhile.

    Julianna Jones

  35. Paloma Smith

    Recommend, easily connects with Alexa.

    Paloma Smith

  36. Mr Seara

    Great product, affordable

    Mr Seara

  37. Mrs Finley

    Impressed. All good so far.

    Mrs Finley

  38. Edward

    Good controller and great service from Ajay.


  39. Mr Davis

    Great product. Happy 5* Overall

    Mr Davis

  • Is there an App I can use with my Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller?

    Yes, this is depending on which Smart Hub you use. Please refer to their instructions for further information.

  • “I’m having issues with connecting my Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Controller to my smart hub”

    Please reset the controller and try pairing again. If you have any further issues please get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

  • Is the Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Controller compatible with a Philips Hue or Samsung SmartThings Zigbee Hub?

    Yes, it is compatible with both.

  • Is the Zigbee 5 in 1 LED Controller compatible with Bluetooth?

    No, the controller is not compatible with Bluetooth and it works with Zigbee connectivity.

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