Smart Zigbee Pro GU10 Spotlight Bulb – HUB Required

Works with Philips Hue, Amazon Echo Plus Samsung SmartThings and Optional Pro Remote- HUB Required

(24 customer reviews)

Our super bright Smart Zigbee GU10 Spotlight Bulb is compatible with Zigbee Hubs, Alexa, Google Home & Apple Siri. It’s perfect for setting the right atmosphere in your home, office and more.

  • True 2000K – 6500K; tuneable white & 16 Million colours to choose from.
  • App control voice command or remote control (sold separately)
  • Group, timer, and scheduling function.
  • Does not work with Apple HomeKit or Hue Entertainment. Not compatible with conventional wall dimmers. At the moment our range of Zigbee Pro GU10 bulbs is not compatible with IKEA Tradfri.

39 in stock (can be backordered)

£25.99£189.98 Inc.Vat


Why Go Pro?

Our Pro Series collection is superior in every way.
Made with high-quality materials, these products are more durable and versatile. These Pro Series products are leading the way in smart home technology with never seen before features.

Product Features

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    Group Timer
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    App Control
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    Dimming & Tuning
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    Voice Command
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    50,000 Shades of White
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    16 Million Colour Combinations
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    Sync With Other Devices
home lighting

Ask Alexa to Turn on Your Lights

Complete control with voice command: there’s no need to leave your seat, you can control our smart gu10 Zigbee spotlight bulbs with your voice. Simply ask Alexa or Google home to turn the bulb on/off. You can even dim the brightness or change it from cool white to warm white.

Our Zigbee pro GU10 bulbs can also be synced to your other Zigbee-powered devices, providing a diverse range of control capabilities; from sensors to remote controls.

Added Security with Smart Gu10 Spotlight Bulb

Group, timer, and schedule function: our smart gu10 spotlight bulb can be set to turn on/off at your scheduled time. Great security for when you are on holiday or when you’re not at home. It also prevents lights from being accidentally left on overnight, saving you money on your electricity bills.

Zignito A Commercial
dimming and tuning

The Smart Zigbee Gu10 Spotlight Has 16 Million Colours

16 million colours or 50,000 shades of white: the smart gu10 spotlight bulb has a wide array of colours. True – 2700 k – 6500 k tuneable white. Create the perfect atmosphere and mood for the different rooms in your home, whether you’re having a party or a cosy night in.

Why Choose the GU10 Zigbee Spotlight Bulb?

The use of Smart GU10 spotlight bulbs is a quick, simple, and effective way to make your home more modern.

These bulbs are energy-efficient and cost-effective. The lighting effects that you create are completely up to you.

The Smart Zigbee GU10 spotlight bulbs are versatile and offer a range of colourful possibilities. These are GU10 Zigbee bulbs and therefore require a Zigbee hub to work.

Spotlights quickly make a home feel more modern. They are also fantastic for making a space feel bigger. So whether you have a large room or a cosy one, these GU10 Zigbee Spotlight bulbs can really show off what makes a house a home.

These bulbs offer a fantastic smart lighting system, that can be tailored to your preferences and individual needs, and come highly recommended by our customers.

improved productivity
Weight 700 g
Dimensions 21 × 28 × 7 cm
Beam Angle

30 Degree

Pack Size

Pack of 1, Pack of 2, Pack of 4, Pack of 8

Light Colour

Full Colour


300 Lumens






Alexa (Zigbee) Hub, Philips Hue, Zignito Hub, Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Tuya/SmartLife

Average Life

25000 Hours


4 Watts


110-240 Volts


Aluminium and Plastic


159 Grams

LEDs Per Metre

10 LEDs Per Metre


Based on 24 reviews

4.6 overall

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  1. N


    I could not be happier with My Zigbee pro GU10 spotlight bulb. It arrived quickly and delivered everything it promised. The spotlight is high quality and has a real premium feel and look. It has a wide range of colour variations and the brightness is ideal for any size room. Syncing the bulb with my Alexa was really quick and simple and the bulb came with some really useful instructions. Would definitely recommend, great quality at a fantastic price.


  2. L

    Lannie (store manager)

    I brought two sets of 3 GU10 lights. The quality of the bulb was good. I did have a few problems, but after 5 attempts it finally worked. I got there in the end and it successfully connected.


  3. P

    Pritee (store manager)

    I installed this LED light bulb in my kitchen. The colour range is bloody brilliant. It looks beautiful. Word of advice make sure it fits so measure it before.


  4. M

    Malpreet (store manager)

    The bulbs failed. Need a replacement. Disappointed.


  5. P

    Pandu (store manager)

    It can hear my commands. Alexa listens well. Competent equipment.


  6. KB

    Kanta Ben (store manager)

    Casing is aluminium. It is heavier than a standard GU10 and slightly longer. Colour change and dims are smooth.

    Kanta Ben

  7. R

    Rameela (store manager)

    Works well, works well with Wi-Fi, many advantages are obtained: energy and economic savings


  8. P

    Priyanka (store manager)

    Bright bulbs and worth the price.


  9. W

    William (store manager)

    Works well, double check as it works with certain devices. Overall, I am genuinely happy.


  10. W

    Wendy (store manager)

    Connected with iphone using the Hue app, it has 4 lights although in the picture it looks like 10 LEDs


  11. HJ

    Huw Jones (verified owner)

    Ordered my Zigbee Pro GU10 spotlight bulbs on Tuesday, they arrived first thing Wednesday morning absolutely amazing delivery times. The spotlights are high quality and have a premium feel and look. They have a wide range of colour variations and are bright. Syncing the bulb with my Alexa was really quick and simple, Alexa found them on the first attempt. One thing to note, if you are using these directly through the Alexa hub (echo plus) you are limited to just Alexa’s 123 colours. If you want to use the full range of colours you will need to use a Philips hue bridge or similar. That said I would definitely recommend, great quality at a great price.

    Huw Jones

  12. SP

    Steve piper

    Great GU10 smart bulbs. Nice and bright and great colours. I have 4 in a bar light. One problem though is that sometimes when turned off, one of the bulbs will randomly turn on by itself. Although I think this issue might be with the Hue switch they are pired with.

    Steve piper

  13. GK

    Gordon Keenan (verified owner)

    Ordered 5 of the 120 degree bulbs up, not really knowing if it should have been them or the 30 degree ones, but in the end the 120 degree bulbs are exactly what I was looking for. Swapping out the current bulbs went without a hitch, but check the sizes of you own sockets as the bulbs will not fit into the bedroom sockets as they seem just a little but to long… weird, but there you go! I decided to install them one at a time, turned it on, ran the Hue app, searched for the bulb, and it was found immediately. Did the same with the rest, configured Alexa to then respond to Kitchen on/off and that was it. SORTED!

    Gordon Keenan

  14. I

    islandguyci (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Very easy to setup. Used my 4th Gen Echo to add to my smart home arsenal. Ajax online have me we of the best service I ever received at a competitive prices. Well done. Keep it up.


  15. I

    islandguyci (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Very easy to setup. Used my 4th Gen Echo to add to my smart home arsenal. Ajax online have me we of the best service I ever received at a competitive price. Well done. Keep it up.


  16. B


    I don’t think these are as good as the Philip Hue bulbs. They’re not as bright especially in the tunable white range.


  17. MU

    Mark Urben (verified owner)

    GU10 smart bulbs
    Brilliant product integrated with my existing Philips Hue system first time and they look fantastic, delivery was fast and efficient, now trying to think where I can put some more… 😀

    Mark Urben

  18. DW

    David Wandless (verified owner)

    The first set of GU 10 bulbs I bought would not pair correctly, so returned them for a refund.

    After a personal call from the owner I purchased the Zigbee GU10 bulbs as they work great with our Echo Show.Very easy to pair and use with Alexa app.

    Excellent bulbs and even better Customer Service.

    David Wandless

  19. HB

    Harry Brewer (verified owner)

    really great product and customer service. Highly recommended

    Harry Brewer

  20. PA

    Pauline Anderton (verified owner)

    Had my full house fitted with Lightwave a couple of years ago and never stopped having problems, took the plunge and fitted a couple of rooms with Ajax Zigbee Pro, I am super impressed, now it is set up, it works amazing and I’ve just purchased enough to do the full house. Setting up the bulbs with the controllers was a bit of a faff, I ended up rigging up a bulb holder and adding each one to the Smartthings system, then one at a time pairing them to the channels on the controllers, this way I didn’t have to take them in and out of the ceiling repeatedly.

    Pauline Anderton

  21. B

    BorrisTheCat (verified owner)

    Its not been long so its a bit early but so far I have been very impressed with the quality and functionality of these lamps. Very bright, good colours, working well, fast, can handle changes while OFF and can go supper dim (nice unexpected bonus).


  22. B

    BorrisTheCat (verified owner)

    Its not been long so its a bit early, but so far I have been very impressed with the quality and functionality of these lamps. Very bright, good colours, working well, fast, can handle changes while OFF and can go supper dim (nice unexpected bonus).


  23. SM

    Simon McConnell (verified owner)

    Marvellous service, speedy delivery, super easy setup. Could not be happier with them

    Simon McConnell

  24. IJ

    Inge Jones (verified owner)

    Paired reliably with Hue bridge. After fitting, turn on, off and on again once before trying to pair. Only disappointment is on the 30deg ones, the middle of the beam in some colours – mainly yellow/orange/green is a reddish colour. Not sure if that’s normal. Basically the colour isn’t even. Would have liked a little brighter too. Got a couple of 120degs as well, which I actually like better. Overall a pretty reasonable buy!

    Inge Jones

  • do these bulbs work with a hue hub
  • Do these bulbs work with zigbee2mqtt?
  • Does the Smart Zigbee Pro GU10 Bulb work with a dimmer switch?

    No, they only work with a standard wall flick switch.

  • If I switch the bulb OFF, will it remember the last colour and brightness settings?

    Yes, it does remember the last settings.

  • Do I need to leave the light permanently switched ON at the wall flick switch?

    Yes, you will be able to turn the light ON/OFF via the app or a voice command.

  • I'm having issues with pairing the Smart Zigbee Pro GU10 Bulb to an app?

    Please reset the bulb by turning ON/OFF 5 times. The bulb will flash slowly to confirm a factory reset. Please ensure the bulb is on the same network as the smart Zigbee hub.

  • Which smartphone apps do the Ajax Online Smart Zigbee Pro GU10 Bulb connect to?

    They connect to the Hue, SmartThings & Alexa App(Echo Plus ONLY), available on Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

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