Zignito Indoor Siren- Requires Zignito Hub

Works With Our Zignito Hub


The Zignito Indoor Siren alarms you when there is a trigger in your smart security system. The sirens can be placed anywhere around the home and will pair with your Zignito devices.

  • Pairs with Zignito Security Devices – Requires Zignito Hub
  • Built-in rechargeable battery – low power consumption
  • Super Loud
  • App Control – Control from your Smartphone (with Tuya or Smart Life App).
  • Note* Siren must be plugged in all the time. The battery is for emergency backup only.

6 in stock (can be backordered)

£40.00 Inc.Vat

6 in stock (can be backordered)

Product Features

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    Super Loud
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    Status Updates
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    Low Battery Warning
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    App Control
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    Sync With Sub Devices
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    Voice Command
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Keeping our homes secure is important, we want our loved ones and belongings to be safe. Using smart security devices is a great way of improving home security.

In order for your devices to be more effective, you can use Zignito indoor sirens to ensure that wherever you are in our home, you can be notified when your security is breached.

These indoor sirens can be paired with motion sensors, security cameras, locks and more. They can even be paired with devices placed outside the home such as garages and outhouses.

These devices are also fantastic for offices and working environments. Deter intruders and notify neighbours when security is breached after hours.


In addition to security devices, these indoor sirens can also be paired with detectors and monitors to improve safety.

Sync with smoke detectors, thermostats and more, to ensure that your home is safe from unseen dangers.

The super loud alarm can be heard from long distances, making them ideal for homes, large or small. As well as homes, these sirens are great for alerting employees of dangers, helping you keep your team safe while at the office.

indoor siren safety
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Zignito Hub, Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Tuya/SmartLife

Battery Type

Built-in 400Ah Rechargable Battery



  • Does this device come with volume controls?

    No, this device comes with a standard volume setting.

  • How do I mount this device?

    This device can either be mounted using the screws or the adhesive that are provided.

  • Does this device come with batteries?

    All battery-powered devices come with batteries included.

  • Can I turn off this device using my phone?

    With the Tuya app, you can control the device using your smartphone and receive real-time updates while you’re away, so you’re always in control.

  • Can I turn off this siren using a voice command?

    Yes, If you pair your device with your voice assistant, you can use voice command to turn the device on or off. A Zignito hub is required for this.

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How to set up your Zignito Indoor Siren

In this video, we'll show you how to set up your Zignito Indoor Siren in a few simple steps.

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