Zignito Water Leak Sensor

Works With Our Zignito Hub


Protect your home from water damage and let your water sensor notify you when you have a leak. Simply place your smart leak sensor in the area you wish to monitor and the sensor will let you know when water begins to build.

  • Water detection
  • Zigbee powered – Hub Required
  • Sync with other devices
  • Get alerts on your Smartphone – Tuya App or Smart Life App
  • Easy to install – No Wiring

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Product Features

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    Moisture Detection
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    Status Updates
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    App Control
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    Sync With Sub Devices
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Water Leak Sensor

Home Protection

Water can cause serious damage to our homes. If undetected water can cause mould and bacteria to build in our homes.

Water also damages the structural integrity of our belongings, furnishings and buildings themselves.

Using smart leak sensors can help you prevent leaks from escalating and being left untreated.

The sensors are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and any spaces that may be exposed to water. Place the sensor under sinks, behind appliances or by windows and doors and get notified when water is detected

At Home or at the Office

These Smart leak sensors are also a fantastic safety measure for offices and workspaces. We may not always be in the office at the right time when leaks occur.

With the Zignito leak sensor, you can monitor the office from anywhere, and address these unforeseen issues before they escalate into serious hazards.

Water can be devastating to our environment, so by reaching leaks on time, we can prevent serious damage, forced closers and harm to others

Water Leak sensor Office bathroom
WaterSensor Web

Sync with other Devices

The Zignito hub allows you to sync your leak sensors to other devices. This means the sensor can notify you in a number of different ways.

Have lights turn on or sirens alarm in order to notify anyone that may be close by, so they can address the leak even quicker. Saving you precious time and money.

How Do I Set Up This Device?

Setting up this device is quick, easy and simple. Ajax Online has created detailed guides on how to set up each device to help our customers get their smart home ecosystem up and running in minutes.

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Zignito Hub, Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Tuya/SmartLife

Battery Type

CR2032 Battery X 1



  • Do I need to secure my device to the surface?

    No, this device does not need to be secured, it can simply rest where you need to place it.

  • Can this device be paired with my other smart home products?

    Yes, this device can be paired with all Zignito devices and Zigbee-powered devices, enabling you to trigger devices when water is detected.

  • Can I move the device once it's been set up?

    Yes, simply move the device and change the location name in your app, so you can keep track of the area you’re monitoring.

  • Where should I place my sensor?

    This sensor is ideal for under sinks, behind toilets, and various other areas of the home where water may collect.

  • How should I place my device?

    The water leak sensor should be placed flat on the surface that you wish to monitor. More details can be found in our setup video.

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How to set up your Zignito Leak Sensor

In this video, we'll show you how to set up your Zignito Leak Sensor in a few simple steps.

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