Reduce energy costs

Reduce Energy Costs, Could Smart Home Devices Be the Solution?

Over the last year, energy costs in our home have increased substantially and it doesn’t seem to be lowering any time soon. With more of us struggling to meet the cost, the demand for cheaper and more sustainable living solutions is higher than it’s ever been.

Smarter solutions have already made their way into our homes. The majority of people are now using energy-efficient light bulbs and monitoring the amount of energy they waste on a daily basis. However, there could be a much smarter way to reduce energy costs.

In this article, we’ll explore the ways in which smart home technology could save you money.

Energy saving devices

The first step in lowering the cost of energy is to reduce the amount which we waste. Smart home devices use far less energy to power than their counterparts. This means switching to smart bulbs, smart plugs, etc. will reduce the amount of energy used in your home from the get-go.

Using devices efficiently to reduce waste

The second step is to monitor how we use these devices. How often do you walk into an empty room and find the lights left on? Smart home devices can minimise how often this happens. Using sensors to detect an empty space and setting timers, can prevent this waste from occurring. We no longer have to run around checking devices, we can simply schedule them to turn off when no one is in the area.

With a smart home ecosystem, you can also create scenarios. Set devices to only turn on when specific scenarios are in play, such as “home time” when the kids arrive back from school. We can also set devices to turn off at “bedtime” when everyone is asleep. The scenarios which you create are completely up to you, and can be tailored to meet your needs – all you need is a dedicated app or home assistant.

Scheduling and scenarios, allow us to minimise the unwanted use of devices and reduce the energy we use unknowingly. This in turn will reduce the amount of energy we have to pay for.

Monitoring Energy Usage

Automating your devices is just one way in which this smart home technology can reduce energy costs. Another is data collection. Apps such as Tuya and SmartLife, provide us with real-time data that displays exactly how much energy is being used and by which device. So you can see if a device is using a lot of energy and contributing to higher energy bills.

No repeated costs

Finally, one of the biggest pros to smart home technology is durability and longevity. Smart home devices are built to last and will usually last a user many years. There’s no need to keep spending!

Once you’ve chosen your devices and created your energy-efficient home, you can relax and enjoy the money you’ve saved.

Long gone are the days when you need to keep replacing light bulbs or fuses. Simply plug in and go!

Can Smart Tech Really Reduce Energy Costs?

The truth is that how much you save is completely up to you. Every home is different and our needs vary from user to user. However, by switching to smarter technology, we can be sure that our wastage is down and our home is more sustainable. We can also improve our understanding of how these devices work and how much they contribute to our energy bills.

If we understand how we use energy in our homes, we can better manage how much they cost.

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