The Smart Home shopping guide

The Ultimate Shopping Guide For Building Your Smart Home

Going smart has become more and more popular over the last ten years.

As technology advances, brands are discovering new, smarter ways to run devices in the home and people are jumping at the chance to upgrade their home.

In this article we’ve created the ultimate shopping guide for smart home devices, in order to demonstrate how simple and most importantly, affordable, building a smart home can be.

So without further ado, let’s explore your options for upgrading your home.

Before You Begin:

Before you start building your smart home, it’s essential that you already have Wifi installed in your home. Whilst some of our devices will continue to work without wifi, they do require the internet for set up.

Upgrading your Studio Apartment


If you live in a small apartment or studio, then going smart couldn’t be easier. Not only do you have little space to optimise, but you don’t face the range restrictions that some larger homes may run into.

The number of devices that you will require does depend on your studio layout. For example if your apartment only has one window, then you will not need multiple smart blind/curtain devices.

It’s also worth noting, if you are renting your property then your shopping list will depend on what systems your landlord has already installed.

If your landlord does not have spotlights for example, then you would not require spotlight bulbs.

Check out our shopping list below, to see what we would recommend.

Shopping List

Devices:  Price Per Unit Purpose
1 X Zignito Smart Hub £40.00 Control All of your smart devices with one single hub and one Smartphone application
1 X Zignito Door/Window Sensor £24.98 Get alerts when someone enters or leaves your home
1 X Zignito Motion/ PIR Sensor £24.98 Detects motion and alerts you via the Smartlife App
1 X Zignito Siren £40.00 Set your devices to trigger your alarm and alert the neighbours
1 X Zignito Security Remote £24.98 Activate SOS alerts when you detect danger and control devices at the touch of a button
1 – 2 X Zignito Leak Sensor £19.99 Detect leaks in bathrooms and kitchens and prevent floods and water damage
6 – 8  X Zignito GU10 Spotlight bulbs £16.99 The ultimate smart bulbs for spotlighted ceilings. 
1 – 2 X Zignito A60 Bulbs £29.99 The perfect bulb for central ceiling lights or lamps 
1 X Zigbee LED Strip Standard: £69.98 – £109.99 Get creative with your LED strip lighting – perfect for framing kitchens, bathrooms or even furniture. 
1 X Zignito Scene Switch £26.99 Control multiple devices with this master scene switch. Up to 12 commands from one switch. 
1 X Zignito  Blind Motor Zignito: £149.99 – £199.99 Automate your blinds. Use the app, voice command or even a remote, to open and close blinds. 
2 X Zignito Smart Plugs £24.99 Automate standard devices and appliances using smart plugs. 
Total Guide Price From £603.80 To £777.77
hue lighting

Upgrading your 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom home


If you live in a slightly larger home, with up to 2 bedrooms, then you’ll want to consider purchasing a few additional units in order to kit out all of the rooms in your smart home.

Where there’s more space, there’s more demand for lighting, detection and additional appliances that you’ll want to be able to control.

To make life easy we have increased the quantity of these items on our shopping list for you.

Shopping List

Devices:  Price Per Unit
1 X Zignito Smart Hub £40.00
2 X Zignito Door/Window Sensor £24.98
2 X Zignito Motion/ PIR Sensor £24.98
1 X Zignito Siren £40.00
1 X  Zignito Security Remote £24.98
2 X Zignito Leak Sensor £19.99
14 – 16  X Zignito GU10 Spotlight bulbs £16.99
2 – 4 X Zignito A60 Bulbs £29.99
1 X Zigbee LED Strip Standard: £69.98 – £109.99
1 X Zignito Scene Switch £26.99
2 X Zignito Blind Motor Zignito: £149.99 – £199.99
3 – 5 X Zignito Smart Plugs £24.99
Total Guide Price From £1014.64 To £1423.54
ZignitoGU LifestyleCollage web
ZignitoQUICKBUTTON Lifestyle

Upgrading your 3 to 4 bedroom Home


Smart devices can be made accessible for all ages, thanks to so many control options: voice command, app control, and even handheld remotes.

Therefore upgrading your family home can be done in a way that suits both the children and the grandparents alike.

All of the devices in our smart home shopping list below can either be control via a dedicated app, through voice command or with a manual control system, so there’s something to suit every family member.

Shopping List

Device Price Per Unit
1 X Zignito Smart Hub £40.00
4 X Zignito Door/Window Sensor £24.98
4 X Zignito Motion/ PIR Sensor £24.98
1 X Zignito Siren £40.00
1 X Zignito Security Remote £24.98
2 X Zignito Leak Sensor £19.99
16 – 20 X Zignito GU10 Spotlight Bulbs £16.99
4 – 6 X Zignito A60 Bulbs £29.99
2 X Zigbee LED Strip  £69.98 – £109.99
2 X Zignito Scene Switch £26.99
4 X Zignito Roller Blind Motor Zignito: £149.99 – £199.99
4 X Zignito Smart Plugs £24.99
1 X Extendable Curtain Track £299.99 – £349.99
Total Guide Price From £1930.45 To £2388.41
Zignito GU Scenes
ZignitoRollerBlind Lifestyle

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How to Save Money When Building Your Smart Home

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