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5 Smart Lighting Ideas to Try in 2021

Say hello to 2021! It’s a new year, and things are looking brighter. If you’re looking for ways to update your home without breaking the bank, why not change your lighting system?

There is a wide range of smart lighting systems available, from classic to modern. These systems also deliver a range of features such as scheduling, tuning and so much more!

Smart lighting systems also work with smart hubs such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, so you can enjoy using voice command.

So why not change up your home with these creative smart lighting ideas.

1. Make Things Cosy with Vintage Smart Lighting

Create a classic theme throughout your home with vintage lighting. Filament bulbs deliver warm and cosy hues to make your home warm and inviting.

These bulbs complement both rustic and modern decor, making them ideal for those either looking to go retro or wanting to step into the future.

Smart filament bulbs can be dimmed and tuned, so you can choose how bright you wish them to be. Whatever scene you’re looking to create, smart features can bring them to life.

filament lighting


Why not create a candlelit room with no candles? Perfect for relaxing or romantic evenings.

white light

2. Freshen Things up With White

If you have a modern home that you want to show off then white light may be right for you. Bright lighting can increase the feel of a room and give the illusion that they are bigger than they are. A great option for homes both large and small.

Smart bulbs come with amazing smart features so you can create stunning scenes and daily routines that really show off your home.


Brighten up rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens with clean white light. White hues are perfect for hygienic areas.

3. Get Creative with Colour Combos

Why not mix it up this year with colourful smart lighting. Reds, blues, greens, and more. With so many colour options available why not have some fun and try them all.

Colourful lighting can completely change the feel of your home and you can create any ambience you wish. Get romantic or rave it up, the possibilities are endless.

Lighting can also be great fun for children, set up colourful scenes in their bedrooms or play games with colour themes.



Throw shapes to different colours, the perfect entertainment for any child’s birthday party. Or create a spooky smart lighting scene for watching your favourite horror movies.


4. Modernise Your Home with Spotlighting

Spotlights are very popular in modern homes. They can brighten up your rooms or highlight a specific area in your home.

With smart lighting features, you can have your lights work to your daily routine. You can also choose to turn on bulbs independently from one another.


Light large rooms and entrance halls more effectively by placing spotlights both around the room and in the centre.

5. Keep It Slick with Strip Lighting

LED strip lights are popular amongst gamers and tech lovers, but they also work wonderfully in modern homes. Place LED strips around your furnishings and create unique lighting scenes in your home.

LED strips also come in a range of lengths and can be cut or extended depending on your requirements. This makes strip lighting a versatile lighting option for home.

strip lighting


Compliment your entertainment systems with LED lighting, or brighten up your kitchen countertops.

What Are You Waiting For…

There is a range of different options available to you. And with the advance of modern technology, there are so many smart features that make lighting your home a whole lot of fun.

Why not check out our product range and discover more ways to update your lighting system.

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