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Whats New with Ajax Online in 2021?

Here at Ajax Online, we’re taking 2021 by storm! We’re releasing new products and introducing new features to our website, to help make home automation even easier for our customers!

We wanted to keep our customers up to date and share our latest news, here’s a breakdown of everything we’ve got going on in 2021.

New To The Shop

We’re busier than ever, in order to keep customers up to date with the latest tech, we’ve introduced brand new devices to the shop.

Zigbee Powered Smart Home Products
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Our New Zignito Range

In February this year, we released our brand new Zignito Range. The range consists of a variety of smart devices designed to help customers build a complete smart ecosystem in their homes or offices.

Our Zignito Range includes devices for Security, Safety, Control and Our very Own Zignito Hub. What’s more, you can control them all with one single App! (Smart Life)

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Explore The Zignito Range…


Improve the security of your home or office with smart security systems.


Discover devices that can help improve the safety of your home or office.

computer hardware

Sync and control all of your smart devices with one central hub.

light switch

Stay in complete control with Smart switches, Remotes & More.

new products

New Products in Our Original Ajax Online Range

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say again… We want to ensure that our customers have the latest in smart home tech. One of our latest releases was our Smart Extendable Curtain Track.

The track comes pre-assembled and can be extended to fit any sized window. This allows users with a quick and easy setup, as well as a perfect fit. You can check out the Smart Extendable Curtain Track here.

knowledge base

A Brand New Knowledge Base

In order to make setting up and connecting devices easier for our customers, we’ve updated our knowledge base. We can now offer our customers detailed guides on how to set up and use their devices.

Follow our simple step by step guides and have your smart home devices up and ready to use in no time. You’ll also find useful video guides for those who find it easier to follow along.

Right now you can find guides on all of our Zignito products, guides on our other products will be coming soon. You can find these guides in the knowledge base tab on our main menu.

Coming Soon in 2021…

smart home collection products

Helping You Get Started with Starter Packs

We want to give customers the perfect starting point for building out their smart home ecosystem. Therefore we will be releasing a brand new starter pack complete with a handpicked collection of devices that you can build on. 

The starter pack will include 2x A60 Smart bulbs, Our Zignito Hub and Our Zignito Quick button. New packs will also be released later on in the year so stay tuned!

filament lighting

More Brand New Devices!

This year we will be expanding our collection even further. We have new Zignito devices on the way including lighting, controls and security devices and more, so make sure you don’t miss out!

We will also be releasing a new smart blind motor system! Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all our latest products as they come in!

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