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Smart Wifi GU10 Spotlight Bulb – GeekStreet Review

Youtube Creators, @GeekStreet, recently tried out our Smart Wifi Gu10 Spotlight bulbs. In this video, they unbox the bulbs, set them up and try out the range of smart features. Check out their review in the video below.

The Review

Check out the Geekstreets channel at the link below:


The Smart Wifi GU10 Spotlight Bulb

Our super bright Smart Wifi GU10 Spotlight Bulb is compatible with Alexa, Google Home & Apple Siri. This bulb also works with Samsung SmartThings via SmartThings Connect. It’s perfect for setting the right atmosphere in your home, office and more.

  • Now Compatible with Samsung SmartThings via SmartThings Connect.
  • Control your GU10 Wifi Spotlight bulb with your voice – Compatible with Alexa, Google Home or using SIRI Shortcuts
  • RGB + Warm + Cool White Lighting.
  • True 2700K – 6500K tuneable white – Choose from 50,000 shades of Warm & cool white with the GU10 Wifi Spotlight Bulb, to create the ideal ambience.
  • 16 Million colours to choose from. The smart Wifi GU10 Spotlight bulb is perfect for creating a more vibrant home.
  • Remotely controlled, allowing you to control your lighting from anywhere in your home.
  • Group, timer and timer function. This is great for adding extra security even when
    you are away from home. Turn your lights on or off while you’re away!

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