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The Zigbee Pro 4 Zone Remote – Paul Hibbert Review

Youtube Creator, @Paul Hibbert, recently tried out our Zigbee Pro 4 Zone Remote. In this video, he explores the amazing smart features and shows you how to get started. Check out their review in the video below.

The Review

Check out the Paul’s channel at the link below:


The Zigbee Pro 4 Zone Remote

Zigbee Pro Series Remote (Please note: Works Only with our Zigbee pro range of Products)

Our 4 Zone Wall Remote is specially designed to control your Zigbee GU10 Bulb. The 4 Zone remote has a slick and modern design that will look good anywhere. With RF technology you can have complete control over your lights with one easy-to-use remote.

  • 4-zone (16 controller pairing) RGB + CCT Smart Panel – Control all of your lights with one remote.
  • No Wiring – There’s no need to plug your 4 zone remote into the wall. It’s easy to set up and discreet.
  • Moveable – The remote does not need to stay fixed in one place. Control from anywhere in your home.
  • Easy Operation and very simple to use. No complication or confusion.
  • Touch Buttons with toughened glass. Sleek and modern design that’s durable and reliable.
  • Voltage: 3V(*2AAA Battery)
  • Control Distance of 30m – You don’t need to be close to your lights in order to control them.
  • Connects through RF Technology.

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