zigbee pro led strip kit review

BEST Zigbee Pro LED Strip Kit – GeekStreet Review

Youtube Creators, @GeekStreet, recently tried out our Zigbee Pro LED Strip Kit. In this video, they test out the strips and the 4 Zone Wall Remote. Check out their review in the video below.

The Review

Check out the Geekstreets channel at the link below:


The Zigbee Pro LED Strip Kit

Works with Zigbee Light Link, Philips Hue*, Amazon Echo Plus and many others.

The Ajax Online Smart Zigbee Pro LED Strip Kit is the ULTIMATE strip kit. Our unrivalled 96 LEDs Per Metre Zigbee Pro Series kits are perfect for those of you that require superior performance.

*PLEASE NOTE: Our controllers do not work with Philips Hue Entertainment & Apple HomeKit.

  • Complete with Strip, power supply, controller and remote.
  • Our Pro Series Light Strips feature a 5 in 1 (RGB + CW + WW) LED chip which allows you to explore 16 million colours and 50,000 shades of white.
  • The Zigbee Pro LED strips are also cuttable at 6cm, allowing maximum flexibility upon installation.
  • Seamless and vivid light with minimal dark spots
  • Zigbee Pro LED Light Strip Kits can be controlled via your smartphone (hub required) or you can pair it with our optional proprietary 4-zone wall/handheld remote.
  • Works with Zigbee Light Link, Philips Hue*, Amazon Echo Plus, Tuya Zigbee and many others.

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