Zignito Smart Home Product Range

Introducing Zignito,
Zigbee Powered Smart Home Products

Zigbee Powered Smart Home Products

What is Zignito?

Zignito is the latest smart home Ecosystem. Using zigbee 3.0 Protocol technology Zignito products connect seamlessly through a single hub to deliver the latest smart features to your smart home, office or commercial space.

Zignito smart products are designed to be slick and discrete so you can place them anywhere. Each product syncs to your smartphone enabling you to stay connected and in control from anywhere.

Zignito products are made with high quality materials and built to be robust and durable. The premium design not only looks great, it’s also designed to stand the test of time.

Zignito Delivers the Complete Smart Solution

With The Zignito Hub

zignito hub zigbee controller

All of our Zignito /Zigbee Devices require the use of the Zignito hub.The hub works as the central gateway for all of the products, allowing you to connect all of your devices and have them working together as a complete smart solution.

With the Zignito hub, you can connect up to 128 smart devices and control them all from one application. These connected devices do not need to be like-products, meaning you can connect multiple systems that work together to complete your smart home.

Connect security devices to lighting systems, or connect sensors to alarms. Whatever devices you want to sync, Zignito makes it possible.

Zignito products will also connect to other non-branded products that use zigbee 3.0 protocol technology, so you can connect your existing products including your Alexa or Google Home. Plugs, blinds, lights and more. There’s no need for multiple systems, all you need is Zignito!

App Control

One App, Many Features

Zignito devices connect effortlessly to the Smart Life App, enabling you to utilise a range of amazing smart features such as scheduling, voice control and more.

All zignito and Zigbee powered products can be controlled from this single app, so there’s no need to download multiple applications. It’s quick, easy and convenient.

Apps Such as Tuya and Smart Life allow you to control all of your devices in one place.

Many Smart devices require a dedicated app, and users often find they need multiple apps to control each device separately. With Zignito, you can say goodbye to using numerous apps and connect to all of your devices to just one application.

Connect to lights, alarms, curtains and more. You can connect up to 128 devices and save time on downloading multiple apps.

Home Security


Zignito Devices use the latest Zigbee 3.0 protocol technology to deliver a practical and intuitive way of controlling devices in your home.

This not only makes life more convenient, it also enables you to improve the safety and security of your home with amazing devices such as sensors and alarm systems.

Get real-time updates on your smartphone and stay up to date on the status of your home.

Keep your family and belongings safe and make every day tasks more convenient with Zignito.

A Corporate


Running a business can be stressful and expensive. Zignito smart products not only make the working days run smoother, they can also save you money on energy expenses.

Enjoy your days off with peace of mind that your office is secure with Zignito security.

Use less energy to light your office space and schedule devices to shut down at the end of the working day.

You can also make working conditions healthier for your employees by monitoring the temperature & humidity of your offices.

A Commercial


Perhaps you’d like to use smart devices to increase sales and protect your stock.

Break-ins in commercial spaces can be devastating to businesses. With Zignito you can protect your products and act quickly when something goes wrong.

Zignito sensors can also be used to protect employees and customers from unseen dangers such as bacteria and virus’. By syncing the sensors to lights and other devices, there’s no need to use switches, helping you avoid the spread of infection.

Smart Safety

Discover devices that can help improve the safety of your home or office.

Smart Security

Improve the security of your home or office with smart security systems.

Smart Hubs

Sync and control all of your smart devices with one central hub.

Control Systems

Stay in complete control with Smart switches, Remotes & More.

Outdoor Systems

Gardening the smart way with automated watering systems.


Apply smart technology to a range of appliances with smart plugs.


Explore a range of Smart lighting systems. From LED Strips to Smart Bulbs.

Curtains & Blinds

Experience Smart Convenience with Blind Motors & Curtain Tracks


Get the most out of your devices with smart accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Ensure Your Smart Devices Are Made Accessible to Those with Restricted Mobility?

At Ajax Online, we sell a range of products for around the home. Many of these products can be paired with a dedicated remote, paired with your smart phone or synced with your smart hub for voice command.

Can I get support with installing these smart devices?

All of Ajax Online products come with easy to follow instructions. We also offer online support for those that need it.

How do I know if the product is compatible with my smartphone?

In each product description, we mention the devices that can be synced with the product. If you are unsure, you can get in touch with our technical support team and they will advise you on the most suitable product.

Is there someone who can give me recommendations on which smart system best suits my home?

We have a dedicated team who offer technical support and can answer any questions that you may have. We also run a blog, where we share tips, guides and inspiration on smart home technology.